Monday, August 3, 2009

1st Aug 09 - fr3b Concept Store Official Opening

I could not sleep at all on the night of 31st July 2009, I was pretty awake tossing on the bed the whole night.. ( ok, not because of fr3b opening lah) .. because early in the morning dear got to reach the airport at 6am for his 4day holiday in Vietnam with his 2 closest friends..After sending him to the airport, I drove back his car to my home.. Haha, these 4 days I got to drive his car.

but I suspect that I might have kenna the speeding camera.. it was 6.30am and TPE roads were clear, and I just step on the accelerator and hit 110km/hr..oh gosh the speed limit was 90km/hr.. Half way through, I saw a mini van parked below Pasir Ris flyover, I stepped on my brake.. But now i scared if my speed was captured by the TP in the mini van. ( if it was) .. so scared.. The first thing I came home, I quickly digged out my advanced theory driving book, and realised that for exceeding the speed limit by 20km/hr I will have 6 demerit points and fine of $150.. I quickly sms my dear and he said I wont be so heng to tio summon.. (because everything he seem to drive like 100km/hr, also nothing happen) then why I so sway drive his new car the 2nd time and tio summon... I am not so worried about having demerit points since I have 24 points but i dont want to pay money to the government.. haha...

Later part, I asked my aunt and she said if I really got summon, 3 days later we will receive the letter.. hopefully when dear returned from his holiday, he did not receive any letter from the Traffic Police.

I did not sleep that morning and surfed the internet until 10am and prepared to go to fr3b concept store... Met Jacelyn at City hall mrt and we walked there.. we reached around 11.20am ( 20mins after the official opening time), there was already a Queue like 6-8 persons in front of us.. What irritated me was the STOMP videoman and lady.. They were really rude, did not even asked permission from the people whom they will filming, and they just shoot as if we must/ought to let me film.. ( so angry with them) .. We waited like 20mins before we could go in to the concept store, after verifying our handphone number.. In there, the STOMP crew were still filming, like what we see what we take.. so irritated, imagine if you are looking the the products, and someone just filmed you during the process... so stupid! Should I have known earlier that there will be people filming, I would not have go there so earlier! The STOMP crew totally pissed me off!!!!

Ok back to the concept store and its membership.. I was pretty disappointed with the goodie bag, felt that it was not worth the $28 that I paid for.. here are the goodie bag and the 8 samples that i checked out:

This goodie bag is not worth $28 right?

I was quite unhappy and feedbacked to fr3b why members who did not pay $28 managed to get into the concept store as well to redeem samples, it would have defeat the purpose of us having to pay $28 to get into the store.. Elfanie called me earlier to clarify and confirmed that only members who paid $28 are allowed to redeem their samples in the concept store, at least I felt not cheated. She also told me that its her staff glitch when packing the goodie bag on the first day, that is why some of us may feel that our goodie bags were rather pathetic like mine. Think they will be giving us a 2nd goodie bag to make up. ( ok, at least they admitted their mistakes and had recovery measures to make angry customers happy, that is what I called good service)

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