Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My 63th to 73th samples from fr3b

These were my fr3b samples redeemed from my 2 trips in this 2 weeks..

Well, today fr3b launched of a new Watsons Stretchable Moisturising Mask and I was shocked that when I was there around 6pm, the item was already out of stock.. I think fr3b just announced that they launched this product this morning, and by evening time, all gone.. I think fr3b members are becoming more and more kiasu, or there are more and more members.. heard some products were all gone within a day!!!

Think those who work at Stamford house should join fr3b, because they can chiong down or up to redeem the samples of their interest easily and at speed.... now really not easy to get samples, because normally all gone within a day, especially when there is a limited quantity.. :(

haha, but its still a fun process.. shopping without paying a single cent! (: >)

Did anyone manage to grab those popular products like the Nivea Oxygen Power Reviving Night Cream and the Liese bubble hair color??? ( these 2 products alone already retailing at $40+, and I managed to grab them for free) (",)


Anonymous said...

Fr3b is so competitive becos they allow friends to help each other check out items without having to be present. I saw ladies each taking 2 baskets and checking out double items.

Sharon said...

I dont think fr3b allow friends to help their friends to reserve. Could you have seen 2 ladies checking out at the counter with 4 baskets, but in fact there were althogether 4 ladies over there.

From what I know, we are not allowed to reserve, if can it will be chaotic.. I think fr3b is fair, just that the members are all too super duper kiasu and go within the first few hours of new product release.