Sunday, September 13, 2009

My First ELF Purchases - Powder Brush and Blush Brush

Finally got my first ELF  brushes... Had heard quite a lot of raves on their studio line especially their powder brush. ..and I got 2 of them, as well as the powder brush.. Should I have known that these brushes were going for a whopping 75% off, I would have grab a few more.. (because I did not know of the discount rate when I ordered..but i was glad I did order at least 3)

I washed 2 of the brushes yesterday, the powder brush shed alittle.. no black color dye coming out or whatever...and I used both brushes today...

Will there be a super super huge difference between a US$3 ELF powder brush vs a SG$82 MAC 187 duo fibre brush..??

Well, as you can see from the picture, how dense the bristles of ELF powder brush is.. in fact, I find this brush more suitable to be used as a stippling brush, without the need to swirl.. it is sort of very pixelated ( so dense).. compared to MAC187, which I always used to stipple follow by swirl to make it more even.. ( ok, I know MAC187 also can be used purely with stippling method, but somehow, I always find the need to swirl to blend off) ..   ELF powder brush stipple the liquid foundation effortlessly with the tap tap method..

My verdict of ELF powder brush after just 1 try: ELF powder brush is also a great brush for this price tag... It can perform what MAC187 does.. I will definitely buy again for back up pieces if I got the chance again.. (MAC 187 is too expensive to buy a few pieces for back up, but ELF powder brush is so cheap... US$3 = SG$4.50, if plus shipping, it should be slightly under SG$7).. but of course, it will cost much cheaper if there is any sale coupon.. For those of you who like MAC187 for liquid foundation application, think you would also like this brush. ( now I know why it has received quite good scores over at Makeup Alley)

Next is ELF Blush brush... This is one of the newer additional to Studio line brush... Despite reading reviews that it is a small brush, I still went on to buy it... And after seeing it when I received it, my first impression was it indeed has got a small brush head...

It is quite similar in term of size and texture as my Shu 20 Pony which is also small and flat. ( I would prefer my blush brush to be of fluffier brush head though).. ELF blush brush cost US$3 and Shu Uemura cost around SG$91.. and I can say they can rather similar except that Shu 20 is much denser, slightly more fluffy.

For those of you who like Shu 20, think you would also will like ELF blush brush.. In fact, you can test out Shu20 at Shu counters, to ah gar ah gar know how ELF blush brush feel like..

I personally dont really like flat and small head blush head.. so I still prefer the powder brush.

Next time I will want to order the other highly raved studio line brush which is the ELF complexion brush. and more back up of ELF powder brush.

** Special thanks to Xiaotian for helping me to order.. ('',)

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