Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Super Duper Early Birthday Presents & Treats In a Goodie Bag

This is my first time getting such an early birthday present.. haha, thanks for the lovely and useful presents babe ( haha, You actually bought me the eye liner which I always said look so nice on your happy!, hope I can get the same effect as you).. Thanks a million! (",)


Anonymous said...

you are welcomed! but i feel so embarrass than i am sO early!! haha!
for the eyeliner, incase you find it too dark, try apply lightly but with a few strokes. =)

Sharon said...

Thanks so much girl for the presents.. You are the first one to give me birthday presents this year... * very touched*

Thanks for your eyeliner tip... I will go and try it soon.. haha, the shiseido disc think I will she bu de to use... ('',)

Anonymous said...

she bu de use? LOL
initially wheni bought the box, i also she bu de use, then when i look at my skincare, i got so many, if i still dun use, i will be wasting my money. -.-

after using, i quite like it so decided to give one to you lor!

go try lor, if you like, ask your dear to buy for you as one of the birthday presents!! lol