Monday, September 21, 2009

Creating Double Eyelid Effect Using Pre-Cut Tape

I seldom buy pre-cut double eyelid tapes.. think this is one of the 2 that I bought.. the other one I bought from Daiso is even worst.

I bought this as I found it very cheap.. Normally pre-cut tapes would cost 20 pairs for $2 ..but for this one, it cost $2.90 for 240 pairs.. which is less than 1 cent per piece...

Well, 1 problem I encountered using this is when I peel it off from the main sheet.. It sort of leave a whitsh part on the edge, my friend suggested me using tweezer from the peeling to the sticking part.. but also it seem difficult for me to do so though... I do like the shape of these pre-cut double eyelid tapes, because the daiso one is super thick.. this one is not... However, these one come with holes..unlike my 3M tape which is translucent.. its pretty obvious that I had pasted double eyelid stickers as compared to using 3M tape.. And the whole sticker would become whiter if I pasted on for more than 12 hours.

But during morning rush, I would use these pre-cut tapes... at least its faster to use. I like these for its slim shape, and price. but if it does not come with holes, and does not leave whitsh edges when peeled, it would be Holy grail material. However, if I have the time, I would prefer using 3M tape. They seem less obvious although they still can be seen.

I bought this box at Toa Payoh Central, one of the 3 beauty toiletries shops which are situated further down from Bengawasolo shop.. cannot remember which one though.. because I bought it a few months back.

Update: 29 Mar 2010, I went to Ang Mo Kio Pink Beauty.. wanting to buy a back up of this product, but was surprised to see that the shape of the double eyelid stickers has strange.. same box, same model number, but different shapes??

^ thicker in the middle of the sticker.

^ the current stocks: thicker at the front!

Update 18 Jun 2010:

Recently I bought a back up pack of the double eyelid stickers which I have been using every time (in size S) ..and the strange thing is the current stock size M is old stock size S which I previously bought.. but now the company even changed the color and material of the double eyelid stickers..

The previous one is white and thicker
The new one: slightly yellowish and much thinner.
Both work the same...but I think the new one is slightly better

Close up of the stickers:

For my review using 3M tape as double eyelid stickers, click on this link.


Anonymous said...

Are these very sticky? As in. It won't come loose so easily?

Sharon said...


These are sticky enough to stay in place for the entire day for me. It wont come loose easily, unless you peel it off and stick it on again.. if you stick it onto clean skin ( on after putting on eye cream - let it absorbed) it can still last the entire day.

Hope it helps.

By the way, these tapes come in different shapes and sizes, so do check out which shapes suit you best.