Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tea Chapter at 11 Neil Road

After the disappointing Clinique event, I met up with Sulynn at Vivo to go to Tea Chapter, Mike and Yuhui were already there...

Ok my first time going to Tea Chapter.. and we went up to level 3, the whole floor was empty except us... so it was sort of quite peaceful and cozy, we drank 2 types of tea with some snacks, and played Donkey playing cards... haha, the loser of each round was assigned a task during our mahjong session later in the night... tasks such as moving the bed, taking the mahjong tables and chairs, distributing the chips, were assigned to the loser.. haha, I did not get any task but of course I helped them la,

Tea Chapter is quite a nice place for a peaceful chatting session.. or some chinese tea appreciation, they even conduct tea appreciation workshops at their shop... The 4 of us paid around $42 for 2 types of tea, and some light snacks.... Quite a nice place..

Tea Chapter is located at 11 Neil Road, around 5mins walk from Outram Mrt Station, near to Maxwell Market.

Thereafter, we went over to Yuhui's place to play mahjong... * sulynn so smart, she got the most of tasks, and the first thing she did when she reached Yuhui's place was to go toilet.. so most of her tasks were completed when she came out.. haha.. After playing for 2 rounds.. I did not lose neither did I win..Yuhui was lucky to win from Mike and Sulynn... she said its because of the mahjong set, ok next time we shall try again with that mahjong set and see if she win again...

We ended around 5.30am, and drove to Ang Mo Kio Ave 4 Wet market for early breakfast. Actually I had wanted to eat Roti Prata, but it seem that it was too early and we could not find any prata stalls in Ang Mo Kio.. Had a great night ( minus the Clinique event!) ('',)

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