Thursday, October 29, 2009

L'oreal Derma Genesis Pore Smoother Bloggers Lunch - 24 October 2009

This was my very first bloggers' event !!! and I was very very honoured to be specially invited by L'oreal and Cozycot to attend their launch of the latest range of L'oreal skincare products - L'oreal Derma Genesis Pore Minimising Smoother, a new line for women who long for less visible pores and smoother, softer skin.

It was really a very exclusive bloggers' lunch as in there were only like 13 of us, including the 2 lovely ladies who organised this event for us- Ms Stella and Ms Adeline, from L'oreal Singapore. We had lunch at one of the private rooms, Serena, at Forlino Restaurant which is located at the building besides the Merlion Park.

We were introduced to L'oreal New Derma Genesis Pore Minimising Smoother complete range which is fuss-free regime , just 3 products... a scrub, a toner and a gel cream.

( click on image to enlarge)

Did you notice that when you are younger, your skin is youthful and free from visible pores? But over time, your skin surface becomes more uneven with

-fine lines appearing
-the pores become visible,
-the texture of the skin become uneven,
-complexion becomes less radiant

Now in 3 simple steps with just 3 products.. we will be on the way to discover the secret of smoother skin.. I tried the 3 products on the back of my hands, and I can see the difference in both of my hands.. and I really like the pleasant nice scent of these products.... This range has already launched at Watsons, and testers are readily available, do try out the samples on your hand and see the difference .. L'oreal Derma Genesis Pore Minimising Smoother Gel Cream is light weight and easily absorbed into our skin without the greasy feel...

( click on image to enlarge)

The main ingredients:

- Hyaluronic Acide + Pro-Xylane - The powerful combination creates optimal cellular environment for brighter and tighter skin.

- Active Micro-smoother - Smoothens the skin by refining the pores, cell by cell...

And after the short and precise presentation, we were treated to a sumptuous Italian cuisine:

These 3 cookies/chocolates were quite special, with 3 different textures.. the 1st one on the left left our mouths with those popping sound.. ( think the chef added those popping sweet inside it, reminded me of the colorful popping powder which I would buy when I was a kid) , the 2nd one was soft like cake texture... while the 3rd one tasted like the the top coatings of the traditional colorful mian bao hua biscuits.

The service at Forlino Restaurant was excellent, the staff were friendly and attentive..Great food, great service, great ambience and excellent service (",)

That was not all.. L'oreal even went to the extend to provide us with express manicure sessions to further pamper us..

I had short nails so the friendly manicurist chose a light color with simple nailarts..

Besides being the first few to attend this exclusive preview of the New L'oreal Derma Genesis Pore Smoother range, being treated to a sumptuous Italian cuisine at Forlino Restaurant with nice ambience and view, being pampered with manicures and nailarts, we were each given the complete full size products of this New L'oreal Derma Genesis Pore Smoother range...

Thank you L'oreal for organising such a great event! Thank you L'oreal and Cozycot for this exclusive invitation!

Special thanks to Ms Stella and Ms Adeline for sharing your beauty knowledge with us and organising this special preview of L'oreal latest skincare launch. I had so much fun enjoying myself with other bloggers...

A fantastic and fruitful Saturday afternoon spent with the ladies! ('',)

Update after using Derma Genesis Pore Minimising Smoother range:

I really like the light nice scent of this entire range of products.. I had tried the 3 products for the past few weeks and I am loving them.. The Derma Genesis Pore Minimising Smoother scrub is gentle to be used everyday.. plus the Derma Genesis Pore Minimising Smoother Gel Cream is light-weight and non-greasy, it just absorbed into my skin after application, and the next day I will wake up to smoother skin..Most importantly, I do not encounter any breakouts using this entire range on my combination/sensitive skin.


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