Thursday, October 29, 2009

My 74th to 82nd fr3b free samples and New Brand Organic Green Tea Promotion

After trying the sample of New Brand Organic Green Tea, I actually went to google more on tea.. All Along I thought those OSK and pokka green tea tea bags that i had been drinking for quite some time is caffeine free.. I was so wrong.. actually only recently then I realised that green tea and black tea leaves all came from the same plant.. just that they are harvested or processed differently..

I was quite happy to see fr3b concept store selling the full size of this product, and a special price.. of $6.30. Usual price is $8.90 at Watsons.. There was a special promotion if customers buy 5 packets, we would get 1 packet free... 6 packets were too many for me, so I bought only packet ...

1 teaspoon is able to make a cup which can add more water to form the 2nd serving... the leaves can be eaten too.. I tried one piece .. Personally after drinking daily for the past couple of days, I do find that it also can aid digestion, something like Avalon Probiotic detox pills..

Here are more benefits to drinking organic green tea...

For more information on this New Brand Organic Green Tea Promotion at fr3b concept store, you can visit this link.. This promotion is exclusively for fr3b members.. if you are not a member yet, you can register for your free membership here..

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