Monday, October 26, 2009

Pandorum and Halloween 2

Watched Pandorum last week at Ang Mo Kio Hub and Halloween 2 yesterday at Marina Square..

Oh well.. these 2 movies were really disappointing..

Cathay's commercial was really short ... and we went in like 5-10mins late, and the movie already started... frankly speaking, throughout the whoe movie, it was quite cheam.. The main actors wer like trying to find a way out while fighting the demons...and the ending part was ??? all the capsules popping out of the sea.. what does that mean?? many people were saved??? The whole movie also quite dark.. I dont recommend this movie, it was the worst movies this year I have watched.. think I will only give 3 out of 10.

Ok, this is a horror movie.. I dont know why I agreed to Dear's suggestion when he said he wanted to watch this horror movie.. The 1st 30mins was very gross for me to take it, I almost wanted to give up watching, and half-way I tried to escape to the toilet.. because I dont want to see those killing scene.. my heart is not that strong compared to my younger days.. GOSH!!... but then later when I returned, I find that this movie also the cheam cheam type. like got alot of hallucinations going on.. dont know what the story was about even towards the end.. I was asking my dear if its because I went to the toilet for some time so missed important part of the story so I dont understand.. but he also dont understand..I was pretty confused on why the girl called the serial killer "brother" and was the lady in white hair with the horse real or illusions.. ok, alot of question marks? Another cheam cheam movie ...think this one I will give 1 out of 10... I hope this will be my last time watching a horror movie!!! I think light-hearted movies more suitable for my age... I think the sequels of SAW also coming up soon.. I doubt I will watch although I watched the past sequels.. because I dont want to see those er-xin scenes anymore.

Think watching cartoons like upcoming Astro Boy and Fantastic Mr Fox will be a more pleasant experience for me...

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