Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Angel Horse Fish Soup

Yesterday went to eat Angel Horse Fish Soup at the temporary hawker centre..and discovered a nice yam cake too, a few stalls on the left of Angel Horse Fish Soup. It cost $1.50 and the uncle also sell porridge and glutinous rice. Look nice too because all the customers were queuing up to buy. Mother did not know the uncle sell porridge too, but she dabao a packet of yam cake and a plate to eat on the spot..

The soup is super qing dan type ... but what keep me hook is the freshness of the fish..( this is one of my favourite fish soup!)  This is the $4 portion, more slices of fish compared to the $3 .. also got $5 portion.

This temporary hawker centre will be located to their original premise at Blk 270 Queen Street from 1 Nov 2009. This hawker centre still can find $2 fried carrot cake....

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