Thursday, November 26, 2009

Konad Nail Art Stamping Kit - M25

Some time back, I bought a Konad nail art stamping kit at Etude House when I was in City Square, JB. .. All these while, I thought I had bought a faulty one because I just cannot stamp the design onto my nail plate..

But today I tried again.. and it work!! ('',) although not very pretty, at least got some prints.. coz previous times, I cannot even get 50% of the prints on my nail plates.

I guess the trick is to be fast ,.. and while scrapping must leave no nail polish on the sides of the design that I am going to transfer to the little chop, or else this residue will end up being transferred onto the little chop and be transferred to the nail plate once I stamped onto my nail plate.

Think I am to get another konad plate which comes in smaller designs/prints.

1 comment:

Charise Winstead Collins said...

Very pretty! Do you remember what nail polish color you were wearing under the stamp? It's a lovely, feminine color!