Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fruits & Nuts Fushion And More Sun Dried Figs

Got these, some of my favourite snacks.. ( Nature's Wonders fruits & Nuts Fushion and Marks & Spencer Ginger Snaps)

These are the nuts and fruits found inside the bag ... All these while I have been eating this snack and like particularly the brown thingy on the most left bottom of the picture.. I dont know what it is called ... When I buy this packet of snacks, only a few of these are available..

Then just last week, when I passed by Hock Hua Medical Shop, I happened to find something like look the brown thingy found inside the Fruits & Nuts Fushion packs.. so I bought 500grams of these.. ( it cost $5.50) I asked the sales assistant what it is .. then he told me its called fig... So now, I can just go to Hock Hua to buy these figs ...

I wonder if eating too much of these is harmful... The sales asssistant said its used to treat sore throat, increase appetite ( ok, my appetite already super good so no wonder now my appetite even bigger..haha) .. and they can be used in cooking soups.. Oh well, for me I just treat them like snacks and eat them just like that...

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