Sunday, November 15, 2009

Etude House Green Tea Nose Pack

Recently, Tiphanie gave me her favourite Etude House Green Tea Nose pack to try.. ( I had read from her blog about this product, and it seem really effective on peeling off those stubborn blackheads of mine.. so I asked Tiphanie to sell me one piece since I would be meeting her.. haha, in the end she dont want to take my money... thanks girl for giving me one pack to try).. This product is really effective!!!

I bought a piece when I passed by Etude House Plaza Singapura last week...

It cost $0.90 per piece at Etude House .. and now with any purchase, we will be given a fluffy pen.. ( One word of caution, the cap of the pen was really not tight that it kept dropping out.. so do use a paper bag or plastic bag to keep the bag, or else it might stain your bag, like what it did to my LV bag).. Luckily its just a line of ink which I managed to clean it off, not those badly stained area, or else I would be super heart pain..

I wet my nose before pasting this nose mask directly onto my nose.. then I waited for 15-20 mins before pulling it off... It did manage to pull off some of my stubborn blackheads.. Quite an effective product I must say!


Anonymous said...

glad you like the GT nose pack.
worth to get if you want the fluffy pen!

Sharon said...

Ger, ya, I like the nose pack.. thanks for your recommendation and treating me to my first EH nose pack... ('',)!