Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Julie & Julia

31 Oct 2009 - I was on my way to Vivocity and Dear asked me to choose between 2 movies - Julie & Julia and Jennifer's body.. haha, although I am not very sure what Julie & Julia was about, at least I know its not those bloody and gross movie.. quite depressing to watch those er xin movies though..

However, Julie & Julia turned out to a very nice movie, in fact quite a meaningful one.. Its actually based on 2 true stories.. Although I was very tired that day, and that the movie was very long, 2 hours, I did not fall asleep... It is amazing that for the love of food, it brought success to 2 women... Can I recreate 524 recipes in a year?? and blog about every recipe..? I dont think I can because I cannot cook well, maybe I can eat 524 food and blog all about them will be easier.. haha..

Julie & Julia is worth watching although it did not make me cry.. its quite an inspiring movie though.. Will give it a 8.5 out of 10. ('',)

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