Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Jennifer's Body

1st Nov 2009 - Just when I thought I could escape watching Jennifer's Body since I chose Julie & Julia the previous day, I was wrong.. haha.. In the end, I still company dear to watch Jennifer's Body.. Ok, I actually watched the sneak shots of this so I was thinking still can see the sexy Megan Fox... Well, it was not very gross, not those chop head, or stab here and there scenes.. I still can take the bloody scenes, I find that this is sometimes like a sexy horror movie, which was not the scary type...

Jennifer and Needy were best friends since young. But 1 day Jennifer was being sacrificed to some witchcraft by a boyband, but ended up she became possessed then she started to go round eating the boys up, so that she can regain her beauty, flawless skin and grossy hair..

This is just a so-so movie, around 6.5 out of 10 rating... But I would prefer Jennifer's Body to Halloween 2 though. ('',) because Halloween 2 dont know what it was talking about and it was too gross in the front part.

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