Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Very First Transdesign order..

Just last week, I made an order on Weilin had wanted a few bottles so we shared the shipping.. I was telling her that transdesign charges US$18 for international shipping if using small flat box rate, which mean maximum of 9 bottles... Before confirming the order, I made a call to transdesign hotline to confirm if they allow me to ship 1 OPI crystal file instead of a 15ml polish.. the person said yes.. so  went ahead with my order...

12 Nov 09 - I confirmed my order, and received this email notification.

(click on image to enlarge)

17 Nov 09- I received the actual invoice.. ( they did make changes to the shipping rate!)

( Click on image to enlarge)

Let me see how many days it will take for the parcel to reach me... ??

On, it states maximum of 9 units of 15ml polish that a small flat rate box can contain.. I wonder how much they would charge me if I added 1 more unit to make it 10... ???? Will they charge me US$32 ?? It will not be worth if they charge me US$30 for 9 items. its still not too bad for us to pay US$2 shipping per item... ( the other day I saw a push cart at Heartland Mall selling OPI nail polish at $18.90 each, $45 for 3) For my order, it worked out to be around SG$10 per bottle.. which mean SG$30 for 3 bottles... but cheaper than what Singapore's Push Carts are selling.. just that we need to wait.. and also a fear that the parcel would get damage, but an excitement in waiting for the parcel to reach my doorstep... HAHA...

Update: Transdesign Parcel Received on 23 Nov 2009.

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