Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Transdesign Parcel Received

23 Nov 2009 - Knock Knock... Postman Postman... I quickly opened the door and the postman handed me a parcel...

I ordered on 12 Nov and got my parcel on 23 Nov, it only took 11 days .. That was pretty fast I should say..

By the way, for transdesign, they are charging US$4.99 per OPI polish.. and if you buy 9 polishes, you can request for their special small flat rate box rate of international shipping at US$18. ( it will be more worth if you can share with a friend and order up to 9 polishes, so that you end up paying US$2 for shipping per bottle)

If you are buying 9 OPI polishes, it will work out to be ( US4.99 x 9) + (US$18 shipping) = US$62.91

If we take currency rate at SG$1.48 : US$1 , it would work out to be around SG$93.. which is SG$10.30 per bottle.. Dont know if its cheaper compared to spree-ing though.

I tried on OPI Tickle My France-Y, and quite like it ( its like nude pink, but with slight purple tone to it).. It look quite the same as my Estee Lauder's polish (white beige).


MissMarlboro said...

How did you choose the small flat rate box? I only said that in the comment, but I had to choose another method in the order itself, cause it was the only way :(
I wrote them an email, but they didn't reply!!

Sharon said...

Hi MissMarlboro,

I also wrote in the comment that I wanted small flat rate box, I even said that if its not US$18, pleae do not proceed with my order... If its US$30+, then its not worth it..

Anyway, I chose first class mail, since small flat rate box not available. I paid on 12 Nov and on 17 Nov, I received the actual invoice from them and they did make changes to the small flat rate box for me.

by the way, have you proceed with your order..if you do, I think you just wait a few more days then you will receive the amended invoice..

They will take some time to reply customers' emails I find, so that day I called them up directly using those cheap international calling card, to make enquiry, before I proceed with my payment.

Hope that helps..

Thanks for dropping by my blog..