Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Philips "Get set for a Fabulous Christmas" Workshop

31st October 2009 - I attended Philips " Get Set For A Fabulous Christmas" Workshop ... We were divided into small groups so that we would go round the different stations to learn more about the different range of products which Philips carry... The decoration was so pretty , I guess a lot of efforts,hard work and time must have been put in to decorated the whole room... I have picked up some beauty tips as well as hairstyling tips...

There were little recipe cards at the Juice It Blender station, the friendly staff blended hair a cucumber and added 1 tablespoon of yogurt to make a moisturising mask.. everyone of us tried the freshly made mask on the back of our hands.. it was very cooling.. haha, besides using the blender to make fresh fruits juice, we can also make fresh masks to pamper our skins.. Oh the blender was quite good, because can actually put in the whole fruit ( e.g: whole apple) to blend without cutting it into smaller pieces...

The hairstylist, Mr Ivan, created a very nice and stylish look for one of the cotters using Philips SalonCurl Pro HP4683.. just apply a styling mousse before using the curler.. and the curls were beautifully created in less than 5 minutes.. wow.. yes, it was that fast... The curler cost $59.90 so I guess with our 30% discount voucher, we can get at $42... ( so much savings)

Another product caught my attention too.. The Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush which gives 31,000 strokes in a minutes.. and it can even whiten the teeth, promotes healthier gum as we brush our teeth... Quite amazing!

Here is our generous door-gift from Philips.. Thank you so much Philips for inviting us to your workshop, introducing your range of products to us and providing the product demonstration to us to better understand the features and uses... and treating us to a wonderful spread of nice snacks.. Thank you Philips, Thank you Cozycot and many special thanks to all the friendly staff involved in this workshop for making it a great success.

I had a wonderful afternoon!

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