Tuesday, December 1, 2009

DIY Car Polishing With Autoglym Products..Can I Make It?

These few days I had been surfing the internet for car grooming products.. and realise that a lot of patience and time go into making cars shiny, in showroom condition. Bling Bling... and there are even car grooming services available for those to prefer to leave the job to the professional by paying more, a simple car spa including polishing, waxing, interior cleaning and vacuuming start from $50, and if a polishing machine is used in the process, the job would easily start from $80... Of course, the bigger the car, the more expensive will be the Car spa session...

Surfing through the internet, I come to know 2 popular brands.. Meguiar's and Autoglym . quite a number of car grooming companies use these 2 brands when they are working on their clients' rides... Each of this brand carry a wide variety of products... from glass cleaner, car shampoo, polishing clothes, wax, gloss, wheel cleaner to tyre shine products.

I made a trip down to Autobacs Ubi which is something like a supermarket which carry almost all the products related to cars.. like sports rims, tyres, in car entertainment, horns, car accessories, even a long stretch of car perfumes, whatever you can think of for the car, it will carry...

There was a full page advertisement on Autobacs promotion on Straits Times Life section on 27th Nov 09.. and the Autoglym promotion caught my attention..

In the end I spent $73.90 on Autoglym products.. ( Actually I had wanted to buy only the 2 essential product for polishing which are the Super Resin Polish and Extra Gloss Protection..but in the end I bought the clean wheels and the shampoo as well)

Autoglym also carries a few types of accessories to go along with their wide range of products like Aqua dry, perfect polishing cloth, Hi Tech interior microfibre, Hi tech cleaning hand pad, Hi-tech finishing cloth etc.. but they cost more than $20+ each so I did not buy.. and got a similar polishing cloth by TripleWax which cost $3+ and a Mr Clean Quik & Dry Synthetic Car Chamois which cost $5.50..

I know nothing about polishing and dont even know how to use these type of polishes and sealant.. this will be my first time trying it out.. I dont expect professional result, but hopefully I can see some result before and after polishing work or else it would mean waste money, time and effort affair..

I have to depend on these few videos to guide me how to use the product correctly..

( Apply in circular motion and finish in straight lines, before using polishing cloth to wipe away)

( Apply in overlapping straight lines and have to wait for about an hour for it to "cure" before polishing off again!)

Think in that 1 hour, I can clean the dashboard, vacuum the interior, drink water, and have some rest..

Seem like a tedious process.. I guess expected time to finish the task may take up to 5hours . But the problem is will I see a difference before and after polishing?? Maybe in the end, pay $80 to professional car grooming to clean + polish will be a wiser choice ... ('',) because now I already spent around $80 to buy these products + cloth...

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