Friday, December 4, 2009

Duragloss Clay Bar + Touch Up Paint

I read from a forum that this green clay works to remove debris or dust from the car surfaces so I went ahead to buy the small one to try.. But so co-incidental that I happened to meet the seller before, and even went to a short Batam trip with her.. such a small world..

This clay is really small, about half a name card size.. and it cost $16.20.. Actually it cost $18, if not for the fact that there is a 10% promotion for the month of December. I cut out a bit to try on a small portion, but it did not seem to work.. according to the forum, they said cannot really see the difference when the clay is used, but it should be after polish + sealant is used than can notice the difference... ( ok, I think I will try again) ..

I was also given a sample of the Duragloss shampoo which really smell nice, like cherry ... its shampoo is pink in color .. heard that Duragloss products all smell nice nice... too bad I have already bought a few Autoglym products.. Maybe after I finished Autoglym, I will try out more Duragloss products.

I ordered a piece of touch up paint from Autobacs a few days ago, and I was surprised that they actually gave me a call yesterday to go pick up the product.. The staff had told me that it would take roughly a week to two as they need to order from Japan.. but it just took them 3-4 days.. I guess their branch at Bukit Batok should have the stock so they just transfer over.. Don't think the shipment from Japan will be so fast.. Oh well, when I examined the outer case, it seem to me that the product is either from China or Korea.. definitely not from Japan.

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