Saturday, December 19, 2009


18th Dec (Fri) - GV Max, 9pm

For 2.5hours, I felt I was transported into another world - A Spectacular world beyond imagination where the scenic views on Pandora were breathtaking! This movie was awesome with superb graphics and animation, it left me wondering what were the real things/people vs those produced by graphics!! How did they produce such a brilliant movie?

I read that the production cost of this movie was around $237 million and promotion fee another $150 million (more info)..Director James Cameron had visualised this movie 15 years ago when technology was not so advanced.. and Avatar took around 4 years to produce.. But I must say its really a spectacular freaking good movie .. I would say out of so many movies I have watched this year, Avatar is the BEST! I would give it a 9.5 out of 10. (one of the better movies I have watched in so many years!)

I am sure Avatar will be winning some awards soon...

Certainly worth every penny! Go watch it if you have not, and be mesmerized by the outstanding visual effects/graphics!

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