Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Experience Luxe At Chevron House ( 7 - 9 dec 2009)

Does this advertisement seem familiar??

Ok, it did seem attractive to me so I made the trip down today.. but it was total disappointment ....

I reached the place at around 11.15am.. and there were not many people, in fact there were only a 2-3 queuing up to redeem the free pack of 5 refills with their empty tins... Not many people were actually buying though..

These are what I bought.. in order to get the lucky bag which is supposedly worth $180 and above.. we got to buy 2 boxes, either night (32cm) or day (23cm) , I bought 1 box each and also a tin so that I can get the free refills on the spot..

There were around 25 bags for me to choose.. They are numbered and placed on the shelves.. Ok, I picked bag 23 and this is what I got...

When I opened my bag to see the content, I was totally disappointed! 3 sachets of Vagisil feminine cleansing wipes ( which I already got a box at home), a travel size bottle of Vagisil feminine wash (60ml) and a spa voucher for first time customers of Body Contours which I guess was the main highlight of the lucky bag and the prize that worth $180.

Luckily I did not purposely make the trip down to the town, or else I will definitely curse.. I wasted my parking fee, time and effort.. I thought it would be a great event with all the publicity going on, maybe I expected too much... so ended up disappointed.. if my lucky bag contains an additional pack of 5 piece refills, think I will be happier... Anyway, for those of you who don't work around that area, think can skip this event unless you have many empty tins to redeem for the free refills ( this is the most worth I find.. other than that, there is nothing worth mentioning) ...

Hope these info helps you decide if you want to specially make a trip down..

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