Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Nice Teochew Porridge/rice at Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 Cheng San Market

Just now I went to Cheng San Market with my mother for dinner.. We have been to this hawker centre several times for this teochew porridge/rice .. 2 years ago, my aunt brought to eat here and I got hooked.. first of all, the dishes are all fresh, low in salt, non oily and taste of home cooked food... Most importantly, it is very reasonable priced, it should be one of the cheapest teochew porridge/rice around.. By the way, I only went in the evenings, and almost all of the stalls at this hawker centre already closed, only very few closed still opening... and this happened to be one of them.. and you can see that 9 out of 10 surrounding tables, the people are all having their food from this particular stalls..

Normally, when we ordered just a small piece of fish at food court stalls or even mixed vegetable rice stalls, it will be be quite costly right? The fresh steamed fishes here are really reasonably priced, they are sold at slightly a little more than what we would have to pay for at NTUC supermarket. Steam white promfets are also available.. What I like is really that its home-cooked style, low in salt, non oily ( and cheap) ... most of the times I saw couples and families eating from the stall.. it is basically just paying a little more, compared to one buying the fresh ingredients to cook... Although I dont live near there, if I want to eat teochew porridge/rice, it will be the first stall that appear in my mind when I want to eat that.... I think i dont mind eating from the stall 3 times a week.. because it is a light meal.

By the way, I remember the very first time when my aunt brought a few of us there, we ordered a lot of dishes which consist of like 5 fishes and many other ingredients, was less than $40.. Also got sotong, steam fish cakes ( those teochew porridge dishes).. what I like most should be the salted vegetables which is non oily and its neither too saltish nor too sweet, tastes just right! the above 5 dishes including 2 fishes, steamed ikan billis, 2 vegetables and 2 bowls of rice cost only $11+ ... 1 whole fish is around $3-$6/8 depending on the type of fish ( steam white promfet being the most expensive) .. If 1 fish + 3 vegetables+ 2 bowls of rice, is around $7.. the price definitely will not give you a shock even if you ordered a lot of dishes.

This stall is located at Cheng San Market, Blk 527 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 ..#01-126

( I dont really know the operating hours, but there was once when I went around 8pm+, not much ingredients left.. go 6-7pm should have a wider variety of selection... If I am not wrong, they are closed on fridays because it was closed when I was there on a particular Friday.. we got to queue to order our food earlier, but they were very systematic, as in they have a pre-made form and they just ticked whatever you ordered, and passed to the next staff to prepare your food... and the lady will served you the food shortly.. if alot of people, got to wait around 10mins)

Food: 8.5 out of 10

Variety: 8.5 out of 10

Price: 9 out of 10 ( think one of the cheapest I have come across for the quality of food)

Overall taste: 8.8 out of 10 ( this is really family style meal, light, non oily, less in salt and fresh ingredients)

Ambience: 3 out of 10 ( haha, its a hawker centre, what do you expect!..but its a quiet one, coz most of the stalls already closed, can get a carpark view and watch over your car)

Ease of Parking: There is a big carpark right infront of the hawker centre.. currently its coupon parking type, so you can park your car near to your table and get a carpark view.. But I guess very soon, this carpark will be cashcard entry type ..because more and more carparks are cashcard entry type these days...

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