Friday, January 8, 2010

My Favourite Yong Tau Foo Got A Branch At Choa Chu Kang

Last Saturday, I purposely went to Ang Mo Kio Central Hawker Centre to eat my favourite Yong Tau was around 11.40am when I reached and there were more than 10 people in the queue.. then I quickly went to select my food, pass to the uncle and join the Queue... then waited there patiently for 20mins! Oh gosh, at 12pm, I turned back, and there was like more than 15 people behind me... ( I think after it was featured on Where The Queue Starts show, the business is even better..

While waiting, I saw a write up and then realise that they had opened another branch at Choa Chu Kang, quickly take down the address.. Then when I went home to check, I found that the food court was near to Huizhen's place, the place where I normally go for my mj sessions. I also informed Weilin about it..and she went down to the Choa Chu Kang branch to try the very next day..

Her comment: Almost the same standard as Ang Mo Kio's original outlet, just slightly more saltish...

Oh well, at least its almost the same standard.. coz I had hardly ate any other Yong Tau Foo that came close to Xi Xiang Feng at Ang Mo Kio Central Hawker Centre...

I will be going to try out the new branch the very next time I go play mj at Huizhen's place.

The new Xi Xiang Feng branch is located at:

Blk 624
Choa Chu Kang St 62
Inside the family food court ( its just infront of Yew Tee MRT, above Mcdonalds, and besides a Value Shop) - the 50cents economic bee hoon at this food court is also very delicious, fried using onion oil! I ate the bee hoon at this food court around 3 times, but I actually missed out on the yong tau foo... :(

The original Xi Xiang Feng branch is at:
Blk 724
Ang Mo Kio Central
#01-23 ( or #01-32.. its a corner stall)
Closed on Sunday.

Anyone of you live around Yew Tee MRT, have you tried this Xi Xiang Feng's yong tau foo? Is it nice?


Huiwei said...

i juz ate yesterday. and was shocked it had been so near me all along. to think i wanted to try the one at ang mo kio. hahaha such a small world.

it's really nice. esp the fish cake. and the queues are forming pretty fast nowadays.

Sharon said...

Hi huiwei,

I just realised my reply to you was not posted at all. Luckily I saw when I was reading my own blog...

Yes, I ate the yong tau foo near your place a few times le, n standard quite same from ang mo kio.. Maybe a bit expensive by a few cents.. Coz yew tee charges standard price for each ingredients, whereas ang mo kio charges different prices for different ingredients..

But yew tee one, no queue n the staff not so stuck up.. Plus got aircon , so it's better...

You eaten the fried bee hoon, just 2 stalls away from the yong tau Fu stall? (besides the stall that sell you Tiao )That is one of my favorite fried bee hoon in Singapore. Only 50cents, think the cheapest bee hoon in singapore...

Thank you for dropping by my blog!