Thursday, January 1, 2009

Best Yong Tau Foo - Xi Xiang Feng

In the afternoon, I met up with Charmaine to pass her Shiseido foundation at Ang Mo Kio Central.. actually I was craving for Yong Tau Foo so made my way to Ang Mo Kio.. Luckily the stall was opened and as usual there was a long Q... but the Q was pretty fast ..

This is the best yong tau foo I have eaten .. the soup is full of flavour, got ikan billis, yellow beans, chicken to boil the soup ( I saw these few ingredients in my soup) so I reckon these are the few ingredients to make their soup.. Eating this bowl of thick beehoon soup filled with ingredients like fish cake, cuttlefish, vegetables, bean sprouts, bean curd, bittergourd, = me in heaven!!!! its just a heavenly bowl of most delicious yong tau foo that I dont mind travelling all the way down to Ang Mo Kio and dont mind the not so friendly stall owners.. that is how good this bowl of yong tau foo is!!! their sauces are also special, unlike normal chilli and sweet sauces, i think they made the sauces themselves.. my best friends all love this yong tau foo too... Its almost a perfect bowl of yong tau foo I should say..

I will give it a 9.5 out of 10... cheap and delicious = satisfying and happy meal!!
I have eaten from this stall for about 10 years, its still as good as day 1... its so good that whenever i have yong tau foo at other places, i will think of this yong tau foo because I have not tasted a 2nd place close to this ...

haha, my handphone was totally flat after I took this picture.. so i did not snap a picture of the bowl of yong tau foo..

will highly recommend my friends to try this yong tau foo... its at Ang Mo kio Central, at the newly renovated hawker centre near to the big KFC, besides last time A&W restaurant. somewhere in front of Blk 726.

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