Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kiehl's Private Tour & Treat

It was my privilege to be invited to Kiehl's Private Tour  & Treat at Kiehl's @ Plaza Singapura, on 8th March 2010. 

Now I know why its a Private Tour & Treat because its really a personalised and private tour & treat session. There were only 2 invited guests (Shilka and me)  for this session, the rest would be in other sessions.. Err. there really only 2 of us and accompanying us were 3 lovely staff (Eliz, Melissa and Zling) from Kiehl's. Food and drinks were even prepared specially for us (Before the session, Melissa even asked me if I was vegetarian, or if I have any food allergies so that she can make the necessary arrangement, how sweet and thoughtful!)

Eliz and Zling gave us a short introduction of the background of Kiehl's.. I had been to Kiehl's outlets several times to buy Kiehl's stuffs especially my favourite #1 lip balm...and it never occur to me that the displays that I saw in the outlets relate to the history of Kiehl's.. All these while, I thought the vintage motorcycles (Harvey Davidson), family photographs and pictures of fighter airplanes are just props to decorate the outlets... but no no.. they were actually the interests of Mr Aaron Morse who took over his family business, and changed Kiehl's focus from a full-service pharmacy to skincare and haircare products. Mr Aaron Morse was a pilot in the army during World War II, and owned a pharmacology degree.

Now I will learn to appreciate the decorations that are displayed at Kiehl's outlets.. I was told that all the Kiehl's outlets look similar be it our local Kiehl's outlets or New York's Kiehl's outlets.. how cool is that!

Next up, I was recommended to a range of Kiehl's products based on my skin concerns and type. I have sensitive combination skin, with dark circles, fine lines, open pores, acne, ..oppss... and dry skin too.. Zling said that my skin is quite dry too.. ( must be my bad habit of not liking to drink plain water - all these years, I drink like 1-2 cups a day! That is bad.. plus sleeping in air-conditioned room every night..I must try to drink more water everyday!!! )

Its really an interactive session, besides telling me the benefits and special ingredient(s) used in each product, Zling also shared many interesting beauty stuffs and tips with me... 

Some interesting products I found in the store:

That is not all... I got to choose $200 worth of Kiehl's products and bring home to use!!! (  I was very surprise that I got to choose my treats! At that moment, many products were in my mind, all the products that Zling recommended me felt very good when I tried them on earlier... I really had a hard hard time choosing.. but in the end, I chose these 3 - Acai Damage-Repairing Serum, Darkness Diminishing Activated Eye Treatment and Abyssine eye cream)

On top of all the products that I selected, I was also given a tube of Kiehl's latest Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF50 Sunblock and a lovely pouch (with pictures of my favourite #1 lip balm printed all over it)! ('',)

Thank you Kiehl's, Melissa, Eliz and Zling for this exclusive Kiehl's Private Tour & Treat!

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