Wednesday, March 24, 2010

MAC Studio Fix Foundation

^ This is the number of empties MAC Studio Fix foundation cases I had after recycling 6 of them.. Yes, I had used up at 12 MAC Studio Fix Foundation in C3 in the past 10 years! Did anyone of you ever bought a foundation repeatedly for 12 times? ( I did!) Ok, I have to admit MAC Studio Fix foundation had been my Holy Grail foundation in the past decade.. when I first started buying, it was only $30++ but over these years, the price increased to $44++ ( not too sure what is the retail price as of 2010)

I still remember that one of my best friends recommended me to this product and I was hooked since day 1 I used it until recently.. C3 is the exact shade for my skin, I can just apply the foundation anywhere partially (e.g: under my eyes areas or on cheeks) and people don't realize that I only applied my foundation partially.. but what kept me buying over and over again was because friends told me that I had good skin every time I wore this foundation.. But that was my younger days, when my skin was more towards the oily type.. the foundation can control oil well, and lasted almost whole day.. I just love how it made my skin looked good, covering imperfections well,  without my friends noticing that I applied foundation...

But now as I aged, reaching my 30 very soon, this foundation does not work as well as a decade ago,.. now I find that its quite thick if I used the sponge to apply.. ( In the past, I had always used the sponge to apply all over my face) but now I use a brush to apply this foundation lightly onto my face, to even up my skin tone, and to cover minor flaws.

This is my 12th Studio fix pan.. Think I wont be buying my 13th pan because I still have a brand new MAC Lightful Ultracharge foundation with SPF25 waiting for me to use it... ( I guess Lightful should be a lighter version of studio fix, plus with SPF, long long time ago when I started with my Studio Fix, there was no Lightful range yet)

Conclusion: Studio Fix foundation should work well on young oily/combination skins.. and it would make such skin appear flawless if the right shade is applied. Does not work wonders on dehydrated skin type I find... ('',)

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