Friday, March 26, 2010

Update 26 March L'Oreal Beauty Sale..

As my friends were in the Queue at the Crocs sale, I went over to L'Oreal sale to have a look... no queue to go the Foyer... but still like 20 people++ queuing up to pay for their stuffs.. 

Pictures taken at 10.30am.. when the place was not so crowded...

Situation was pretty good with plenty of stocks when I browsed through at 10.30am, but I was only there for 5mins, before I popped over to the Crocs Warehouse Sale..

Then I came back around 11.50pm, the situation was pretty bad... The Queue to the cashiers was HORRENDOUS..( I had wanted to buy a men skincare set for my bf but I gave up after seeing the super LONG Queue which almost reached the escalator side ( which mean at the entrance)


I guess it will take to take 1-2 hours to reach the cashiers if one were to start queuing from the back..

( There were like only 3 or 4 cashiers.. even pay cash also does not make any difference to the waiting time)

Update: I went back at 4pm++ ( to settle my Crocs bill error then popped by L'oreal Beauty Sale again)

More pictures taken:

Guess the Queue depends on the crowd.. At 12pm, its really terrible but at 5pm, its so much shorter, think just take 15 mins to reach the cashier.

Haha..these are the stuffs I bought ( 3 of them my friend's)


Anonymous said...

Good job! The makeup remover and shampoo which I planned to buy after reading your blog were sold out le.

Sharon said...


Thanks for reading my post..

When I went back the 2nd time around 4pm+ on day 1, the Maybelline eye makeup removers already sold out, the shampoo still got the anti frizz series..

Actually the Maybelline eye makeup remover is not considered very cheap.. 70ml iirc is $5 ( ok, its cheaper than the retail price) .. but I find it quite small bottle.. My HG L'Oreal eye makeup remover (dual layer, similar like Maybelline) comes in 125ml and only cost $6.80 from pink beauty shops located at Toa Payoh & Ang Mo Kio.. Think Ley Wah or/and Ocean at People Park sell at $7.20 for the L'oreal one..

So I think the L'Oreal one is more worth it..( Maybe you can pick up a bottle of the L'Oreal one from those pink beauty shops to try out, its quite the same as the Maybelline one)