Friday, March 26, 2010

Crocs WareHouse Sale At Expo 26-28 March 2010

This was my first time going to a Crocs Warehouse Sale.. My mum's friends were very hardworking and went to queue quite early before 9am because they thought it open at 10am.. ( but yesterday then I realise that Crocs gave out some private sale tickets to their members and selected people who registered for the private sale tickets giveaways on their facebook and twitter )

My personal thoughts for Crocs Warehouse Sale, its really a well organised warehouse sale.. ( think there are very experienced).. All the shoes were neatly arranged according to sizes and categories ( men, women, children) and there was an area for customers to sit down to relax and think over their grabs... brown boxes around to let you deposit your impulse grabs...Think the Crocs team really put in much efforts in preparing for its warehouse sale.. By the way, I heard they will release new designs everyday, so tomorrow if I were to go again, I would see new things (they are smart to entice customers from coming back again.. but then Singapore Expo very far and heard the crowd for weekend will be even worse) 

Queuing for payment also a breeze .. because there were really a lot of cashiers... and there were like 2 helpers to each cashier, once the cashier is ready for the next customer, the helper will raise a green flag to signal to customers that the cashier is ready.. ( I did not really count how many cashiers there were, but really many of them and they are fast) .. 

But there is an error on my bill, will have to go back to Singapore Expo later... :(

Have a great weekend ahead!And happy hauling if you are going to Crocs Warehouse Sale over the weekend. Also can drop by L'Oreal Beauty Sale which is just located at the Foyer 2.

Update: I went back at 4pm ( coz my bill got an error) .. and ended up buying another pair of sandals when I walked 1 round....

There were different designs available at 4pm compared to 10.30am.. I realise that the staff actually replenished stocks and designs from times to times.. so I guess for Crocs sale, do not really have to go on first day since they have plenty of stocks and different designs released at different timings... but I am not too sure if that will be the case for the weekend since there will be a much bigger crowd compared to the first day of the sale on a Friday.

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