Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Paul & Joe & Other Branded Perfumes Warehouse Sale

Received this email in the afternoon..

I went to Paul & Joe Sale just once...and I can still remember that Paul & Joe stuffs were quite cheap, like blusher selling at $12 or $15, lipsticks, eye shadows (~$12), 2 way cake with case ($20+), loose powder ($20+), some Paul & Joe skincare items, accessories like pouches, umbrellas and brushes could also be spotted.. Cannot really remember the exact prices of each of the item.. but they are like 60% off the retail prices.

For cosmetics, also got some Givenchy items.. 

And many perfumes of assorted brands available at the sale ..

Those of you who love Paul & Joe stuffs should not miss out this sale.. but got to go early or else the popular items will be gone very soon..

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