Friday, April 23, 2010

RMK Happy Treat & Spring Radiant Parties

Received RMK Sweet Treats brochure in my mail this morning..

If you are interested, do email or call RMK to RSVP for the parties.

Updated 26th April 2010:

One nice and beautiful cotter ( Kimberly) whom I just met informed me that there is a change in the timing for 30th April (Fri) party, instead of 7-8.30pm, it is now changed to 4-5pm iirc.. and there is an additional session on 1st May (Sat), in the afternoon.. Do call RMK at 6488 8713 to confirm the timings and book for your preferred session if you are interested.. 

RMk Counters contact numbers:

Isetan Scotts Level 1 (Tel: 6887 5308)
Takashimaya Department Store (Tel: 62388043)

Enjoy! ('',)


Anonymous said...


i am just so glad that you post this event!

there is one bitch who thinks that she is the only one who has got info on this RMK party and was kpo-ing why i can attend this event.

Sharon said...

Hi babe,

Thanks for dropping by my blog..

Hope you had enjoyed yourself at the event! How was it?

I received the mailer in my letterbox on Friday morning, and saw the parties and sampling treats, so I shared the info on my blog.

RMK must have mass mailed the brochure to thousands of their do not bother by what she said because any one who is interested can just sign up for the event...

Cool down.. Have a great week ahead!