Monday, May 24, 2010

Maybelline New York’s The Power In You Launch Party With Sylvia Ratonel

Maybelline New York has signed on Sylvia Ratonel, Singapore idol 2009’s first runner-up, as her local brand ambassador. Sylvia has got lots of exciting programmes lined up with the brand, the first being collaborating with Maybelline New York and Universal Music to release her very first limited edition single album called "Tonight".

5000 copies of this single will be exclusively released to Maybelline New York and will only be available for 3 days from 28th-30th May 2010 at Maybelline New York’s “The Power in You” launch party outside Orchard Cineleisure.

Fans can grab hold of her album with purchase of Maybelline New York’s products worth $15 at this party.Get to catch her performing live and get her precious signature on their album on 28th May 2010 at 3pm. Be 1 of the exclusive 5000 people out of the whole island to own this album!

Sylvia will be helping the brand to officially launch the new brand campaign named “The Power in You!” where normal girls will be given a chance to transform their lives, their look with the power of makeup.

Head down to Orchard Cineleisure on 28th May 2010 at 3pm to catch the action!

More details on "The Power in You! campaign.

This year, Maybelline New York embarks on an ambitious quest to change the lives of other young women. Conducted with reality TV-style competitions and screened on, this programme will start with a boot camp and end at the exciting fashion city, New York!

1. America’s Next Top Model-Style Boot Camp
Maybelline New York will recruit girls in May and June 2010 starting at “The Power in You” launch party at Orchard Cineleisure. After their stop at Orchard Cineleisure, the recruitment will carry on via a “The Power in You” mobile caravan roadshow till 9th July 2010. Girls will receive a free makeover while they enrol themselves in this exciting and enriching event.

A selection party will take place on 16th July 2010 where 50 shortlisted girls will be invited to attend and the pool will be cut down to 8 finalists by getting the best 8 girls who are able to apply the makeup skills imparted to them by the makeup artists perfectly during this event.

These 8 finalists will progress to a series of activities and challenges from July to August 2010 to highlight the characteristics of the campaign and reveal the girls true potential. Each episode will consist of a challenge and a winner: winner will be decided by either judges or the public.

2. Idol-Style Voting

Each episode encourages public to vote for their deserving winner via .

3. Webisodes Of Challenges Aired Online

These challenges are done in a reality-TV style where public can get a taste of what is happening via webisodes on also offers general fashion, makeup and lifestyle tips, it’s Maybelline New York’s website that refreshes itself every 15 minutes to bring you the latest news!

5. Concluding party

The most talented girl will then be whizzed off to New York City and cash prize to renew her wardrobe and makeup kit! A grand prize worth $10,000 will be awarded to this lucky girl who showed the most positive transformation in terms of her own confidence as well as the skills imparted to her during “The Power in You” campaign.

So celebrate your Power with Maybelline New York starting this May! Register before 28th May 2010 to join the 1-day express pass contest, and the winner will get a guaranteed slot to be 1 of the 8 finalists in the Makeover Show!  Good Luck to all !

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