Thursday, June 3, 2010

Majolica Majorca Chapter 27 Workshop - Dream A Dream

Where was I on 25th May 2010 in the evening???
In a magical dreamland filled with Majolica Majorca stuffs... and I got to lay my hands on some really lovely romantic Limited Edition Majolica Majorca makeup from Chapter 27... finally tested the latest Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On Mascara on my bare lashes... (",) What a beautiful evening! think most of us walk out of the workshop with blooming dream eyes...

How did the magical dreamland look like? Any princesses and princes around??

^ Limited Edition Dream A Dream Chapter 27 makeup products ..

^ Including other Majolica Majorca stuffs for us to play with...

-No prince around... But many lovely princesses in the magical dreamer land....

What did I do at the dreamland?

^ A very pretty and chic babe (Yanny) told us a fairy tale about a flower's whisper to a young girl and asked her if she would like to be pretty and fall in love ..This is how dream a dream Chapter 27 collection came about...

Next, we were treated to a full makeup demonstration where Dorothy taught us how to be pretty using the limited edition Majolica Majorca products from Chapter 27..

Presenting our lovely model for the day, Eunice...

So what are the magical and beautiful Limited Edition products that were used on Eunice?

Ya, let me share some pictures with you .. ('',)

There are 2 Limited Edition eye shadow palettes in Chapter 27 collection. I really like the nice and cute the packaging of these blooming dream eyes palettes, like a mini book..

Here is the first one:
Blooming Dream Eyes (Mid-Day Dream)  .... for a dreamy day look

Here is the 2nd one:

Blooming Dream Eyes (Mid-Night Dream) .... for a mysterious night look.

Remember the Majolica Majorca Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On mascara which caught my attention during the Majolica Majorca Workshop at Panasonic Atrium.. it is now available in violet magic.

^ Magical mascara for thick, lustrous and dreamy lashes .. Actually its not actually super purplish tone when applied onto lashes. With its unique brush tip, lashes do not clump up when I applied the mascara on. Although I am not an expert in applying mascara, I could easily apply this latest Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On mascara onto my lashes.


^ Perfect Automatic Liner in Shade VI606 Violet Magic.. it is a black base with a tinge of violet pearls for defined and alluring eyes.

Perfect Automatic Liner in Shade 35 Sap Spell, this is a white base with a tinge of violet pearls for defined and innocently bright eyes.. ( Use it at the inner corner of eyes, will help to open the eyes)

Its Play Time now....

Tried them on my own eyes...
I love this collection lots - Chapter 27 Dream A Dream... I love to dream in the mid-day and even more in the mid-night.. LOL!

Before we bid farewell, we were presented with these lovely doorgifts to bring home...

I totally enjoyed myself at the workshop!! Thank you Majolica Majorca Singapore and Pearlin for the invitation to Majolica Majorca Chapter 27 workshop.. and A big thank you to Majolica Majorca Singapore for the lovely gifts and a chance to bring a friend along to this magical dreamland.. ('',)

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dblchin said...

hi there! my candle is slightly different! haha nice~

Sharon said...

Hi Clara...

Thanks for dropping by my blog..

haha, your candle and mine are indeed different.. yours should be the day-dreamer look (sun) and mine the night dreamer look (moon)

elaine said...

hi sharon
your friend Lynn looks so pretty! :)

Sharon said...

Hi Elaine,

thanks for dropping by my blog..

Ya Lynn is a pretty babe with flawless skin..She is even prettier in person... Envy her (",)