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Shiseido Aqualabel Is Coming Soon To Singapore Soon...

AQUALABEL - The No.1 Mass Skincare Brand from Japan is hitting our shelves very soon..

What does Aqualabel mean?

Aqua: Water Source
Label: brand
Aqualabel is a promise to keep skin moist

Aqualabel is under Shiseido which is armed with 100 years of whitening experience.Aqualabel is not a new brand, though its relatively new here in Singapore. In fact, Aqualabel was launched in Japan in Feb 2006 and the products are currently available in Japan, China Taiwan, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

The exclusive Aqualabel Technology incorporates a super skincare charging system that deeply infuses and locks in high amounts of moisture in skin.. Check out the technology which is incorporated in Aqualabel products...

Sink with Aqua Synergy - an ingredient that blend easily with both water and oil. It is able to penetrate moisture and effective ingredients deeper into our skin layers while softening our skin at the same time.

Saturate and Seal with Moist Aqua Keeping Base which contains Moisture Membrane, Double Hyaluronic Acid, Biocompatible Hydrating Liquid and Aqua Synergy to plump up skin by infusing every skin cell with moisture.

The Whitening, Moisturising and Anti-acne whitening care series will be available in Singapore.. (Anti-aging which is the purple colored packaging series will be available next year)

Aqualabel Whitening Range (In Blue Packaging)

This range focuses on repairing and preventing targeted problems such as pigmentations and brightening skin's overall clarity.

Key ingredients include:
  • M-tranexamic Acid which is a powerful whitening ingredient that is also used in Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum
  • Saxifrage Extract and Peony Extract
  • Aqua Synergy
  • Moist Aqua Keeping Base

Products and Prices for Aqualabel Whitening range -

Aqualabel Deep Clear Oil Cleansing (150ml) $18.50
Aqualabel White Clear Foam (130g) $16.90

Aqualabel White Up Lotion (S/R = Supple/Rich) (130g) $26.90

Aqualabel White Up Emulsion (S/R) (130ml) $29.90
Aqualabel White Up Cream (S/R) (30g) $31.50)

Special Care
Aqualabel Aqua Enhancer WT (130ml) $26.90
Aqualabel Bright White Ex (45ml) $35.50
Aqualabel Reset White Mask (4 sheets) $24.90

Sun Protection
Aqualabel White Protect Milk UV (40ml) $26.90
Aqualabel Perfect Protect Milk UV SPF50 PA+++ (45ml) $28.90

Makeup Base
Aqualabel White Up Base (40ml) $24.90
Aqualabel White Liquid Foundation (25g) $25.50
Aqualabel White Powder Foundation (11.5g) $28.50

Aqualabel Moisturising Range (In Red Packaging)

The moisturising range replenishes skin with sufficient amounts of moisture to achieve youthful and supple skin.

Key ingredients include:
  • Collagen Glycerin - collagen plumps up skin to keep it looking young and supple, and Glycerin maintains the balance of water level in skin.
  • Apricot Extract - promotes production of natural moisturising factors to keep skin moisturised.
  • Aqua Synergy
  • Moist Aqua Keeping Base

Products and Prices of Aqualabel Moisturising Range -

Aqualabel Creamy Oil Cleansing (110g) $17.50
Aqualabel Milky Mousse Foam (130g) $15.90

Aqualabel Moisture Lotion (S/R) (200ml) $24.90

Aqualabel Moisture Emulsion (S/R) (200ml) $27.90
Aqualabel Moisture Cream (200ml) $29.50

Special Care
Aqualabel Moist Aqua Enhancer MO (110g) $24.90
Aqualabel Moist Net Essence (26g) $29.90
Aqualabel Moist Charge Mask (4 sheets) $22.90

Sun Protection
Aqualabel Moist Protect Milk UV (50ml) $24.90

Base Care
Aqualabel Moist Coat Essence ($27.90)

Aqualabel Anti-acne Whitening Care Range (In Green Packaging)


This range delivers smooth skin complexion by preventing acne and acne scars

Key ingredients include :
  • Winter Begonia and Glycerin - Prevents acne, keeps skin smooth and hydrated
  • Glycyrrhizin Acid - Soothes inflammation of acne
  • Lasting stable Vitamin C Derivatives - Inhibits accumulation and lightens pigmentations/scars
  • Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen - Keeps skin moisturised and supple
  • Aqua Synergy
  • Moist Aqua Keeping Base
  • CE Maturaton Promoting Ingredient - Creates a strong moisturising environment for skin and strengthen its barrier functions.

Products and Prices of Aqualabel Anti-Acne Whitening Care Range -

Aqualabel White AC Lotion  $26.90

Aqualabel White AC Emulsion  $29.90

Special Care
Aqualabel White AC Essence  $29.90

Its Questions & Answers Time!!!

When exactly is the launch date of Aqualabel in Singapore??
Aqualabel products will be officially launched at selected Singapore Watsons coming July 2010, but the good news is there will be a soft launch at Tampines Atrium from 21 - 27 June 2010. Customers who spend $30 worth of Aqualabel product at the soft launch will get to enjoy a complimentary 45mins relaxing facial using Aqualabel products from the Whitening range.

Any other special promotion?
Yes .. Aqualabel Facebook fans get an additional facial service on the house when they spend $30 worth of Aqualabel products at the soft launch.  That is a total of 2 FREE facials worth $90.Simply join Aqualabel SG facebook and tell Aqualabel your Facebook user names when you make your purchase to enjoy this special privilege!

What does the complimentary facial session include and Where do I go for the complimentary facial?
Enjoy your complimentary relaxing Aqualabel facial session in this cozy treatment room at Shiseido main office ( Orchard Building, #12-01) where you will be attended to by a skincare professional. Experience a soothing and relaxing facial using Aqualabel Whitening products. Your complimentary facial will include cleansing, exfoliation, hot steam, soothing and relaxing face and shoulder massage and mask, accompany with calming background music.

Any hard sell of packages or products??
NO! I think Aqualabel SG is offering this complimentary facial to pamper its customers and let them experience Aqualabel products at the same time. Definitely no selling of products, services or packages.

Read that Aqualabel products contain alcohol .. wont it damage or harm my skin?
Skincare products that contain alcohol does not mean they will harm our skin.. Not all alcohol are harmful! In fact, good alcohol help skin care formulations to act as efficient skin care product.

Will buying Aqualabel products from JB be cheaper than in Singapore?
I took some pictures of Aqualabel products when I saw them when I was in JB City Square Watsons last week. here is a comparison of the prices of the cleansers:

Aqualabel White Clear Foam (Whitening range)

Singapore Price: SG16.90
Malaysia Price: RM39.90 ( SG$17.30, taking rate as SG$1: RM2.3)

Aqualabel Milky Mousse Foam ( Moisturising Range)

Singapore Price: SG$15.90
Malaysia Price: RM38.90 (SG$16.90, taking rate as SG$1: RM2.3)

SG price is lower for its cleanser... Actually not so sure about the pricings of other Aqualabel products.. but since the cleanser is cheaper in Singapore.. the chance of other products being cheaper in JB is quite low (I guess)

If I have any enquiries on Aqualabel products, who can I contact?
You will be glad to know that Aqualabel has an e-concierge service. If you have any product enquiries or skincare questions about Aqualabel, you can simply drop them an email at
They will reply you within 24 hours. (",)

Do check out Aqualabel products at Tampines Atrium this coming 21st June or when they hit Watsons' shelves next month.

A big thank you to Aqualabel Singapore for giving me the opportunity to be a friend of Aqualabel, and letting me be the first few to experience and enjoy Aqualabel 45-minute relaxing facial, and treating me to free samples of Aqualabel Hydrating series. Special thanks to Qiyi for sharing with me more about Aqualabel brand, the products' technology and benefits, as well as the product information of the 3 series that will be launching very soon in Singapore. ('',)


citrella said...

wow... thanks for sharing. Appreciate this info!

Sharon said...

Hi Citrella,

You are most welcome.. Just sharing some general info of Aqualabel and my experience of the Aqualabel facial..

If you happen to be free, do check out Aqualabel Soft Launch at Tampines Atrium from 21-27 June 2010.

Have a great weekend ahead! ('',)