Sunday, June 13, 2010

Movies, Movies and Movies ...

Oppss.. I have not been updating about the movies that I had watched in these couple of weeks and the past 2 days.. ... so decided to post everything one shot...

All the movies were pretty good, especially IP Man 2, Shrek Forever After, Prince Of Persia and The Karate Kid.

Shrek Forever After made me teared twice.. silly me watch cartoon also so emotional... but it was a good and meaningful movie...out of so many sequels, think the final chapter of Shrek is the best I find..

IP Man 2 also very nice, as good as Part 1, Donnie Yen so charming as usual..( saw shots of an upcoming IP Man movie but not starring Donnie Yen... I wonder if my dear and me will go and watch..the cast not really fantastic)

Yesterday watched The Karate Kid and it was good.. It was towards the end that I realise that Dre Parker (Jaden Smith) was actually the son of Will Smith.. hey this boy is very talented and can act surprising well... I actually teared 2-3 times in this movie..Maybe I was too focus in the story.. Jaden Smith is the 2nd child main actor/actress (for movie) that made me tear while watching them act... ( The first was Linsay Lohan in the movie - The Parent Trap (1998) in which she played a twin trying to bring their divorced parents together.) By the way, The Karate Kid is quite slow paced (more than 2 hours+ movie), but not to the extend that made me sleep.. the story build up well plus can see beautiful sceneries of China..Think children will learn about values and the never give up attitude.. Thumb up for this movie, definitely worth the weekend price ticket!

Just a few hours ago, I watched The A-Team at GV Max, its a action packed movie.. but it did not leave me an impression.. although it is quite exciting.. some how I do not really like this movie..

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