Saturday, July 10, 2010

Skyline View On Singapore Flyer

Earlier this evening, I went to take the Singapore Flyer ride, with my Aunt, brother and his gf.. Our first time taking the flyer although it was launched in 2008... I always see this ultra mega wheel with many protuding capsules whenever I am on ECP.. and finally today I was in one of the capsules! ('',)

Our tickets.. come in different designs... We got to keep these tickets as souveirs.

First, we got to go through by the Flight Entrance. The first thing we did was to scan our bags through the scanners (something like passing through our customs)...then we scanned the tickets to gain entry to the flyer... ( got to walk through a passage way before we reach the platform)

Although there were quite a number of passengers (more than 40+) in the Queue, it was pretty fast. We got into one of the empty capsules within 5 minutes.. Ready to go *v*...( The capsule was still moving when everyone walked in...but it was more than enough time for the 10+ of us to make our way in)

Excited... haha, it was already 7.30pm when I stepped in.. ya, the sky had already started to turn dark.. so what can I see?

Marina Bay Integrated Resort...

Marina Bay Golf Course

Fullerton Hotel, Clifford Pier, tall office building in Shenton Way..

When the sky turned darker.... a different scene of the IR..can only see the lights..

Suntec City..

Almost reaching the peak of Singapore Flyer...

Looking down.. pretty scary but luckily the capsule was moving really very very slowly that we cannot feel its moving... If its a transparent bottom capsule, I think it will be really scary when you see the surroundings at a certain height... When I was looking down, I suddenly asked myself if I have the courage to try parachuting..Most probably not, even at 165metres, I am already scared.. imagine jumping off a plane in the middle of the sky... I think I will faint!!! LOL

After a 30 minute ride, we are coming back to ground....

A fun and interesting experience for me to see the sceneries of Singapore... but most of the buildings, landmarks were abit dark... so can only figure out through the shape and lightings... Its pretty scary when I looked down from the top, but the super slow speed makes me feel as if I am looking out of the window from a building, we really do not feel that it was moving at all.. except that the sceneries will change as the wheel revolved. All the staff were very friendly too... If I were to take the ride again, I will choose to ride in the day time.. at least can see all the sceneries clearly and a different experience.

My Canon camera really antique and cannot make it.. all the pictures I took on the flyer were so dark.. when I used auto mode, I can see the person, but not the background.. when I switch off the flash light, can see the sceneries, but cannot see the person. :( [Stupid Camera! Going to find a better camera soon]

Then we went over to Marina Square Imperial Treasure to indulge in yummy la mian and super nice xiao long bao... !

I have been to Imperial Treasure a couple of times. It serves pretty nice on-the-spot hand made la mian.. If you prefer something light, can try the pork and vegetable la mian (2nd picture in the top row), but today I realised its Zha Jiang La Mian (1st picture in the bottom row) is quite delicious ( Score: 8 out of 10) with a mixture of minced meat and mushroom in a salted bean gravy.. The fried rice can skip, not worth for the price of $10.50, its just an average plate of yang chow fried rice, nothing special.

We ordered 4 baskets of the Xiao Long Baos.. These are the best xiao long baos I have eaten in Singapore to date. ( When I want to eat Xiao Long Baos, Imperial Treasure will be the only place that appears on my mind) Even my brother loves them too. (Don't use Din Tai Fung's Xiao Long Baos to compare, cause they cannot make it...personally I dont find Din Tai Fung's nice ..infact I find them over-rated) 

Anyway, these xiao long baos just so juicy and nice.. simply dip the xiao long bao with vinegar and pop it in your mouth, and with one bite all the soup will burst out filling your mouth with the sweet and meaty flavours.. Or bite a hole at the top, savour the soup, and eat up the rest. ( Score: 9 out of 10) It's definitely a happy food for me!

The golden pastry is nothing special, imagine eating flattened 'fried butterfly' stuffed with spring onions.. its how it taste like..

One funny thing, when we were ordering, the waitress was afraid that we could not finish our food as she said its abit too much for the 4 of us.. Of course, we managed to polish off everything! ('',)

I had an enjoyable Friday evening! ('',)

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