Sunday, July 11, 2010

My First Prawning Experience

11th July (Sunday) - Went to Bishan Hai Bin U Enterprise to have a short prawning session..( This is the place where my brother brought my mother and me eat the pomfret steamboat.)  We paid an hour for $15 and was given a rod, a small amount of meat (bait) and a pack of wet towel and off we go to catch prawns..

It took us 15 minutes to catch our very first prawn.... then I tried and I almost managed to catch one but when I pull up the rod, the prawn managed to release itself off the bait... (Haiz) .. Think I got no skills.. because in the end, I did not manage to catch any prawn.. . ( its pretty difficult to catch as we don't know how to.. I guess there must be trick, or else my brother and his friends wont be bringing back big bag of prawns when they went prawning every time.)

After we returned our rod, we just thought might as well BBQ the prawns to eat since there was a couple of BBQ pits there.. Stress though.. the 3 prawns were still alive and kicking in the net.. its hard to catch them.. Luckily an Uncle came to our rescue.. He taught us how to use the satay sticks to 'poke' through those live prawns... and even gave us 3 additional prawns.. so we got 6 in total...

So the rewards for an hour of prawning.. the satisfaction of being able to catch the prawns and seeing these nicely BBQ nice orangey fresh prawns.... ( but they don't taste nice though.. those prawns that we buy from markets/supermarkets taste so much better...)

It was a fun experience overall, although we did not have a big haul... I think prawning is just to past time thing to do .. but its quite a good idea if a few friends gather together and chit chat, drink, eat and prawn at the same time.

Ok, next time if I go prawning again, I must try to catch a prawn by myself.

Anyway I saw this article on prawning just last week on Straits Times.. and I thought they might be quite useful information.. so took some photos of the article.

Hot Spots for prawning mentioned in The Straits Times.

And How to Catch A Prawn?? ( I think a bit of patience also required)

Actually what is the average number of prawns one can catch in an hour?

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