Friday, August 6, 2010

Review: Elisha Coy Premium Gold Mineral BB Cream SPF45+++

Recently I got to try out Elisha Coy Premium Gold Mineral BB Cream SPF45+++. This product is available in 2 sizes, travel size 15ml (as shown above) and the full size tube 50ml. Packaged in a handy gold tube, the product is easily squeezed out without any wastage.

So what are the product benefits of Elisha Coy Premium Gold Mineral BB Cream SPF45+++?
  • It is a 17 in 1 BB Cream (Detox + Whitening + Wrinkle Care + Organic Sun Screen + Makeup Base + Foundation + Concealer + Moisturizer + Brightening + Lifting & Firming + Soothing + Pore tightening + Skin breathing + Skin balancing + Smoother skin + Even skin tone + Trouble Care)
  • Contains organic compound-free ingredient – sunscreen UV diffusing agent which is non-greasy, skin-friendly & blocks off UV rays effectively unlike other sun screen which absorbs UV rays which will further damage your skin.
  • Nutrition-rich caviar, royal jelly extract and mineral-rich deep water make skin glossy.
  • Marine collagen and amino acid complex make skin elastic by caring for the wrinkles, and approved whitening ingredients make skin splendid.
  • Gold extracts which detoxifies skin, promotes healthy blood circulation & natural radiance to glow on your skin.
  • Gold therapy which promotes healthier skin tone, evens skin tone & skin glowing.
  • Reduces fine lines, freckles & dark circles effectively.
  • Wraps around the skin for 12 hours to complete a High Definition.
  • Nude Makeup effect.
  • Eco-certified organic product.

Ingredients List For Elisha Coy Premium Gold Mineral BB Cream SPF45+++:

The effect after applying on skin:

After blending the BB cream on skin:

Elisha Coy Gold Mineral BB cream appears quite light as seen from the above picture. However, it appears sheer once its blended well into the skin.

A comparison of swatches for Laneige Snow BB cream and Elisha Coy Gold Mineral BB cream:

Trying Elisha Coy Gold Mineral BB cream onto my face:

My skin tone is medium fair. As Elisha Coy Premium Gold Mineral BB cream is a 17-in-1 BB cream which can also be used as a makeup base, moisturiser, concealer.. I applied the product directly onto my cleansed face after my toner and eye cream. I only used a small amount of product and apply directly onto my skin using the tips of my fingers.

Color:  Although this BB cream looks quite light when I squeezed it out on the back of my hand, but it appears sheer after blending out onto my skin. This neutral with slight pink undertone BB cream actually blend well into my skin, even out my skin tone. However, I think its more suitable for fair to medium skin tones since its quite a light color. As such, a thin layer is all you need for my face.. If I were to apply too much.. I think I will look like a Geisha.

Texture: Elisha Coy Premium Gold Mineral BB Cream is creamy and blend effortlessly onto my skin. It is also light-weight which wont put any pressure when apply under the eye areas...The smooth and light-weight texture is unlike traditional heavy foundation. 

Scent: Personally I like the fragrance of this product... It is hard for me to explain the scent in words.. but its a nice and mild floral scent..Despite a high SPF protection of SPF45+++, it does not have the typical SPF smell, which is a plus point to me.

Coverage: Although it provides a sheer finish, it does cover my slight redness on my cheeks well, and surprisingly able to help minimise pores and even out my uneven skin tones. After application, my skin felt a little sticky (the effect which you feel after applying your moisturiser, just wait for awhile and the stickiness will be gone) but it does make my skin look better. A light touch-up of loose powder will finish the look. It does not cover my horrible dark circles completely though, just manages to lighten a bit....Ok, I admit my dark circles are too dark..

Lasting Effect: Elisha Coy Premium Gold Mineral BB Cream SPF45+++ is pretty long lasting.. my base makeup still feel fresh after a whole afternoon in town.

To sum up, I find Elisha Coy Premium Gold Mineral BB Cream SPF45+++ quite a good product which comes with so many benefits.. Buy 1 product, and get 17 benefits out of it.. Despite it being sheer, it still provides my skin with enough coverage to create the dewy and sheer look effect. (Just apply evenly a little of the product and there is no need to apply any highlighting powder to give a subtle glow to my skin.) It also smell nice and offers a high SPF protection of SPF45+++ against harmful UVA and UVB rays. Plus its a low irritating BB cream that contains ECOCERT-awarded organic lavender extract and organic camomile extract.
So where can you get hold of Elisha Coy Premium Gold Mineral BB Cream SPF45+++?
You can get Elishacoy at John Little Departmental Store & at $59.90 for the full size tube (50ml).


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