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Skin 79's Diamond Bloggers Workshop

Not long ago (on the evening of 30th July 2010), I attended my first Skin79 Bloggers workshop at The Icing Room @ 313 Somerset.

So excited because it will be my first time playing with Skin79 products and my first time trying to decorate muffins by myself.. ('',)

^ Here's pretty and friendly Lorraine, brand manager of StarAsia Singapore, giving us an introduction of the products in the Diamond Collection I and II... Yes, you did not read wrongly.. its DIAMONDS!! ... now diamond powder is used as one of the ingredients in our makeup items, found in Skin 79 Diamond I and II collections...How cool is that!!

The Diamond Collection I range is for ladies looking for a little diamond shine in their it contains diamond powder and jewel complex powder of ruby, amethyst, coral and tourmalin and pearl, combined with skin care properties to create a flawless complexion...

Check out the products under Skin 79 Diamond Collection I ..

^ The Prestige Beblesh Balm is a 3 effects functional BB cream which has whitening effect, wrinkle improvement benefit and sun protection benefit of SPF25 PA++ (Price: $39.90)

^ The Diamond Star Glow Ball powder gives radiance and shimmers using the 5-colors refined and luxurious ball powder. I find this is similar to Guerlain Meteorites powder which also makes use of 5-colors ball powder, but this is much more affordable. Although I have not tried the Guerlain version, I find Skin 79 Diamond Star Glow Ball Powder good enough to give me a nice glow and some highlight to my skin, without making me look at a disco ball.. its retailing at $39.90, so its worth a try.

^Diamond Luminous Pearl Beblesh balm comes in with a brush-in applicator, for easy application of the product onto skin. Just press the back of the tube to dispense a small amount of bb cream onto the brush tip and you can brush it directly onto skin. Plus the top part (including the brush) of the bottle, can be easily removed to wash .. so that the brush can be cleansed as and when you required.. more hygienic this way('',) and bacteria wont built up over time. ( Retail $35.90)

^ Diamond UV Screen Beblesh Pact SPF22++ is something like a pressed powder to be used alone or after applying bb cream to give a soft, fresh and shine free complexion. It also protects our skin from harmful UV rays with added SPF22 PA++. I find that it is very alike to my skin color, in fact when I swatched it at the back of my hand, the powder just disappeared, blending into my skin instantly. (Retail: $39.90)

That's all for The Diamond Collection I... so now introducing Diamond Collection II..

So what is the difference between Skin 79 Diamond I and II collections?
Diamond II range includes an upgraded formula with diamond powder, floral bouquet complex and blooming jewel complex consisting of 5 jewels including amethyst and ruby, making skin shimmer and shine like jewellery..

^ Diamond Perfect Cover BB concealer is a dual shade concealer that naturally covers skin imperfections and provides under-eye areas. The instructions stated: Use the light beige after applying foundation, and apply it to parts of dark circles under the eyes under a tapping motion. Use the natural beige on dark spots by tapping and blending out.. Actually there are no hard rules on how we can use this dual concealers, we can even mix both colors to get a perfect shade for our skin tones.. we can use it before or after foundation depending on our preferences too.. Each concealer color weigh 3g so you get 3g x 2 of products housed in a nice dark pink case. ( Retail: $39.90)

^ Diamond All-Day Sun powder SPF30 PA++ is a loose powder with added SPF30 PA++ to protect our skin from the harmful UV rays. Instead of a separate sponge in the container, the sponge is attached to the cover. Once you open the container, hold the knob-alike on the top of the cover and dab the attached sponge onto the loose powder for a fuss-free application. This is retailing at $39.90.  Diamond UV Perfect BB Pact SPF 30 PA++ is a pressed powder that adheres softly to the skin while maintain a shine -free face. (Retail: $43.90)

There is also another product in this collection called the Diamond Crystal Pearl BB cream with built-in dual types pearl highlighter, to enhance skin radiance and provide 3D effect retailing at $42.90.

Lorraine also shared with us Skin 79 promotions happening from 27th July till 25th Aug, there are promotion packs for Skin 79 Hot pink and VIP Gold BB cream...both packs going at $58 each, which is 20% off  (Hot Pink Promo Pack includes Sun Protect BB Pact whereas VIP Gold Promo Pack includes Hologram Pearl Pact)

After playing with the products .. we got to indulge in the yummy cakes before we decorate our own muffins..

Presenting the cakes, muffins and pouches of colorful cream...

And after some time .... to make things a little interesting, there was a mini contest to see who made the most creative cupcake..

^Here are our creations...

And here is my simple no-creativity design..

And the winner goes to none other than:

Sara aka icyabstract

Also took some pictures with fellow bloggers:

^ Me with Iris, (aka RougeDeluxe)

( From Left- Chantana, Joyce, Iris and me)

Each of us also brought home a lovely goodie bag with items from Skin 79 Diamond range..

( ^ The Prestige Beblesh Balm, Star Glow Ball Powder and Perfect Cover BB Concealer)

Many thanks to Pearlin for the invitation, and special thanks to all the friendly staff of Skin 79 for sharing with us more about the Diamond range and giving us a memorable evening filled with much fun and lovely treats! ('',)

P.S: For the latest updates on Skin 79's promotions and happenings, join Skin 79 Singapore Facebook today! Also find out how you can be the next Skin 79 Queen of the month right there!

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