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Review: Clarins Hydra-Luminous Flawless Powder Foundation Moist & 3D Radiance Effect SPF20 PA ++


A revolutionary, high-performance formula and a concentrate of plant essences specially designed for Asian women who dream of a radiant, even complexion and a feeling of long-lasting comfort.

Key Ingredients:

- Plant essences of rosemary, camomile and ginkgo biloba ensure skin stays fresh and radiant.  On contact with our skin, these plant essences are instantly dispersed, progressively diffusing their stimulating and hydrating properties to protect skin from dehydration and prepares it for optimal reflection of the light.

- Shea Butter: triple plant-based coating of pigments in Shea Butter ( a plant extract) ensures an ultra-soft, fine, melting texture which glides over the skin and perfectly even the complexion. This coating also protects colour from any variations due to heat or humidity (sebum, perspiration) and ensures a long-lasting clear and fresh complexion.

- SPF20 -PA++ : A sun fllter to protect skin from exposure to UVA and UVB, one of the main causes of premature skin ageing.

- White Tea: An anti-pollution and antioxidant active ingredient to neutralize free radicals which continue to attack the skin, even after exposure to the damaging UV rays.

Unique Benefit of Clarins Hydra-Luminous Flawless Powder Foundation ..
Unrivalled radiance and refined facial contours, due to the presence of "3D Luminance" pigment, natural light is diffused in a way that sculpts the face for a visibly refined face.

Full Ingredients List for Clarins Hydra-Luminous Flawless Powder Foundation

Last week, I received a set of this latest Clarins Hydra-Luminous Flawless Powder Foundation in shade 03 IIY Natural ( along with its latest Instant Light Brush-In Perfectors) from the lovely ladies of Clarins. I was so excited and happy about it and I tried them out the very next day.. I had been using them everyday in the past week so here are my thoughts..

So how does the shade in 03 IIY Natural look like? ( For easy reference, I swatch it besides some of the foundations I have)

Trying on  Clarins Hydra-Luminous Flawless Powder Foundation in shade 03 IIY Natural 

Color: 03 IIY Natural. When I first looked at the foundation in the pan, I thought it looked orangey but after trying it on my face, the foundation just blended perfectly skin. This shade is more of a yellow undertone, which should suit NC25-NC30 skin tones.

Texture: The powder is finely milled, smooth and light weight... I apply the foundation with the sponge that was included with the foundation and it just glides on my skin. Blend well too. Definitely no fall out of powder residue. 

Smell: There is not much scent for this foundation. No fanciful smell for sure.

Coverage: It does even out my skin tone and gives a radiance effect ( Thanks to the "3D Luminance" pigments.) However, it does not really cover my horrible acne scar marks and dark circles. I got to apply concealer on my acne scar marks before applying this foundation. If you have very light acne scar marks, this foundation should be able to conceal minor flaws.

Lasting Effect: This foundation can last more than 6 hours, without any touch-up.. My face still look fresh even after 6 hours of application. Oil control is also pretty amazing, because slight shine at my forehead and corners of my nose appeared only after 6 hours of wear.

Prices: $55 for foundation refill (13g/0.45Oz.) and $20 for case.

Packaging:  The foundation refill is sold separately from the case. However, the case itself  is gorgeous looking, very similar to the casing of Clarins Palette Prodige Face & Blush Powder. It is a light gold, rectangular case with a refined, elegant design, with one of the corners stamped with a stylized Clarins leaf, marked with the initial C. For the price, a red velvet purse is also included, so we can just put our foundation in our bag wherever we go, without worrying that the case may be scratched.

Dimensions of the case: Approximately 106mm (length), 68mm (width) and 15mm (thickness)

My thoughts:

This foundation is worth checking out! I feel as if I am not putting on any foundation on my face, because its light weight and so smooth. The colour matches my skin tone and it gives my skin a brightening effect too. The presence of "3D Luminance" pigments seem to give a slightly refined face as natural light is diffused in a way that sculpts my face. ( I do not have to purposely contour and highlight my face to achieve a sculpted face) Another plus point is it is long lasting, lasted about 6 hours before I need to touch up. While most of the Clarins products are Made In France, this particular product is Made In Japan. 

I like the fact that it has added SPF20 PA++ which is able to give added sun protection against the harmful UV rays when I am out.  I also like the gorgeous looking case, with a big mirror. If it is slightly more compact (thinner) , it would be even better. However, this gorgeous looking case does easily attract finger prints but luckily it comes with a nice red velvet purse which can be used to polish the light gold case ( I used the back side of the purse though) and it is highly recommended to keep the case in the velvet purse to protect it from any scratches.

- This picture was taken with flashlight (with no photoshop), 6 hours I applied the foundation.. ( see above on the unique benefit that I had mentioned about this foundation, it seemed that the "3D Luminance" pigments were at work).. Notice that my cheek (one of the rounded parts of my face) wass highlighted, giving maximum light, whereas reflection of light at my side jaw ( one of the hollow parts of my face) was greatly reduced.

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Clarins Hydra Luminous Flawless Powder Foundation and Clarins Light Brush On Perfector ranges are the latest Clarins makeup items launched this month. Do check them out at all our Clarins counters islandwide. For Clarins Store Locator, click here.

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P.S: A big thank you to the lovely ladies from Clarins Singapore for sending me these wonderful products to try.

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