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HiP HiP HuRRaY To L'Oreal HIP (High Intensity Pigments) Collection

Have you wished that your eyeshadows are highly pigmented enough to give truer color payoff and let you create the vibrant and bold eye look you have always wanted?

Have you wished that your eye liner gives you the intensity of a liquid liner yet easy to draw like a pencil eyeliner?

Now shout out “HIP HIP Hurray!” and your wishes will come true instantly….

HIP HIP Hurray, the highly-anticipated L’Oreal HIP (High Intensity Pigments) Collection that has received international rave reviews has finally reached our shores and I was so privileged and excited to be one of the first few to try them.

HIP collection boasts a range of High Intensity Pigments Bright Shadow Duos Eyeshadows and Color Chrome Eye Liners.

These HIP High Intensity Pigments Shadow Duos Eyeshadows feature a micro-pulverized formula that allows for even, intense color deposit for contouring and defining. Now we can create bold and vibrant eye looks with these colors …

Each pot retails at $18.90/2.4g and it is available in eight shades: Adventurous, Bustling, Flamboyant, Flare, Flashy, Riotous, Showy & Platinum. *Interesting shade names! So can you make a guess which 4 shades I have got based on the picture shown above?

Let us take a closer look and swatch these lovely eyeshadows...




As seen from the swatches, the colors are pretty intense even without using an eye shadow base. However, if we apply an eyeshadow base (such as Urban Decay Primer Potion) before putting on any eyeshadow, the colors will be richer, more intense, and more lasting on our eyelids.

The eyeshadows are all highly pigmented and contain some shimmers which give me subtle bling bling effect without looking like a disco ball. The texture is also fine and gives a velvety, ultra-smooth finish. I like!

How about the packaging?


Each eyeshadow pot measures approximately 19mm in thickness and 48mm in diameter.  It is compact enough to put inside our cosmetics pouch. I like the idea that there is a separate compartment underneath the eye shadow, open it up and you will find a mini sponge applicator. Great for touch-ups on the move.

Up next, HIP Color Chrome Eyeliners come in rich metallic shades that create a unique, chrome finish. It provides the intensity of a liquid eyeliner and the precision of a pencil eyeliner, giving eyes a 3-dimensional look.

It is available in 4 intense metallic shades: Black Shock, Silver Lightning, Gold Charge and Violet.

Retail at $17.90/1.1g.

Let us swatch them…


Look how pigmented these HIP Color Chrome eyeliners swatches are. These swatches are done without applying any eye shadow base. True to its name, its gives a rich crème formula for smooth application and produces a striking metallic effect.. and what I love about these eyeliners -> They really glide so smoothly on my skin, think of the intensity of a liquid eyeliner but the ease of application like that of a pencil liner.. I love these eyeliners. How do they perform on my eyelids? Read on to find out more..


Trying On the HIP Bright Shadow Duos and HIP Color Chrome Eyeliners..

^ HIP Bright Shadow Duo In Adventurous

^ HIP Bright Shadow Duo In Flashy, with HIP Color Chrome Eyeliner In Gold Charge (as a base)
^ HIP Bright Shadow Duo In Riotous

^ HIP Bright Shadow Duo In Platinum

How about Mix and Match the colors together?

^ Lime green shade from Riotous, Pink shade from Adventurous, and Violet Volt Chrome Eyeliner
^ Pink shade from Adventurous, teal shade from Flashy, and Gold Charge Chrome Eyeliner.

My thoughts and which is my favorite out of the 4 eyeshadows colors?
When I received these 4 duo eyeshadow colors, I was thinking how am I going to apply the colors in Riotous because the striking lime green seem to be such a weird color on the pot, something that I won’t think of putting on my eyes. However, after trying out on my eyelids, I actually like it most..its such a pretty unique shade -> olive-lime green shade with shimmer. The duo colors complement each other to give me an instant pop to my tired-looking eyes. I also like how the lime green shade blends well with the pink shade in Adventurous, giving a summer feel.  

I also like Adventurous, especially its pink. I seldom wear pink on my eyelids as I find pink tends to make my eyelids more puffy looking. But the pink in Adventurous did not make my eyelids puffy, in fact it brightens my eyes and gives a more refreshing look. I like that it is also a versatile color.

Although I like smoky eyes effect, I never know how to create the look because it really requires precise skills, since black is one of the most difficult to blend color.  I tried filling my whole eyelid with Platinum duo and here is the result:

(Ok, don’t laugh I know it’s an awful demonstration) I seriously need some professional lessons on creating smoky eyes effect because I simply cannot make it! ( But the colors are very intense right?)

Overall, these colors are highly pigmented and blends well .The eye shadow powder also adheres well onto my double eyelid tapes. (See the shot I took wearing Flashy) Do also check out other lovely colors such as Flamboyant, Flare, Bustling and Showy. The intense gold and rich royal purple shades in Flamboyant look great!

These colors can be easily mix and match, and my favorite combination is the Lime green shade from Riotous with Pink shade from Adventurous , paired with Violet Volt Chrome Eyeliner.

As for the HIP Color Chrome Eyeliners, I just have to shout out: “I love them loads!” I own quite a number of pencil liners, and nothing comes close to HIP color chrome eyeliners. HIP eyeliners just glide like a dream on my lash line! The colors are just so vibrant and the texture is so creamy and smooth. They also work great as an eye shadow base, enhancing the intensity of the eye shadow colors. I love the fact that they give the striking metallic effect for that added bold definition. Now, I seriously lemming for Black Shock and Silver Lightning shades to complete my HIP Color Chrome Eyeliner collection!! (‘’,)

Do check out these lovely HIP collections and colors from L’Oreal Paris at selected Watsons stores from 23 September 2010 onwards..

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