Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Review: Talika Lipocils Expert

Product: Talika Lipocils Expert

Description: An eyelash serum/gel that stimulate lash growth and intensity their natural color and curve. Discover the absolutely safe solution (using plant extracts) to naturally enhance the beauty of your lashes in just 28 days.

  • Longer Lashes (+4mm)
  • Darker Lashes (+50%)
  • Curlier Lashes (+50%)
  • Stronger lashes
  • No side effects

Key Ingredients:
  • Nettle: Stimulates eyelash growth
  • Anti-aging peptides: Improves eyelash strength and length
  • Boabab Leaves Extract & Sour Orange Extract: Reduce damage caused by UV rays and protect against sun radiation. Act against oxygen damage to the skin surrounding the eyes.
  • Coleus Forskholii: For eyelash darkening
  • Polymers & Silk Proteins: Increase curling effect (by up to 50%) and improve the shine of lashes.

Full Ingredients List:

Price: $89/10ml (0.35 fl oz.)

Available at: The Spa-Lon Beauty & Skin Treatment Centre (Click on link for a full listing)

So Will I be able to achieve longer, darker and curlier eyelashes within 28 days??

Trying it on...

Packaging: Talika Lipocils Expert comes in a mascara-like tube packaging and it has an exclusive dual applicator brush; a foam applicator and a mascara brush.

Directions of use:
The application is simple. Use the foam applicator to apply the product on the eyelids, at the root of the lashes, then, use the brush to apply the product on the lashes. ( Important thing to take note, the product must be applied on the root of the lashes for it to be effective!)

Apply every morning and every evening for 28 days, then once a day.
Scent: No unplesant smell.

Texture: The light-brown color gel runs pretty smooth on my eyelids and eyelashes.The product dried up pretty fast on my lashes and my skin (eyelids), without leaving any sticky after-feel. Non-oily formula.

25 Sep 2010

Here is a picture of my short and sparse bare lashes before using Talika Lipocils Expert Eyelash Serum/Gel:
- Bottom lashes

And here is another picture taken right after my first application of Talika Lipocils Expert Eyelash Serum/Gel:
Yes, it is stated we applied on the root of the lashes and eyelids so you are seeing a layer of eyelash gel on my eyelid now...but it dried up fast.

Ok, I will be using Talika Lipocils Expert twice a day for the next 27 days.. Will be updating my progress in this space for the coming weeks.

Update: After used for slightly more than a month, I am happy to say that Talika Lipocils Expert works for me.

Every morning and night, after my skincare regime, I applied Talika Lipocils Expert on my bare lashes. After 28 days of application, I notice my lashes are now longer and darker, and slightly curlier. (See the above 2 pictures) When I apply my mascara on my lashes these days, I can really see the big difference on its lengthening and thickening effect. I am a happy girl now!

Meantime, here is a little contest for you..

Just share with me ONE of the following:
~ How do you take care of your eyelashes or
~ Any tips you have to keep your eyelashes healthy and beautiful or
~ Problems that you encountered with your eyelashes or
~ A picture of your beautiful eyes

One lucky reader will win some Talika samples including 2 sachets of Skintelligence Clever Cleanser, 2 sachets of Skintelligence daily neuoactivator moisturising fluid and a packet of Talika Instant manicure (with instant whitening & coating oxygen treatment).

In additional, if my blog garners the most number of comments out of all who participated, the winner will also walk away with a Talika prize worth $120!! (Consisting of a Talika Eye Detox Treatment and a $50 Spa-Lon Facial/Body Treatment)

Here is how?
Leave a comment under this post with your answer, name and email address. If you are uncomfortable to leave down your  email address, do leave your comment under anonymous, and follow up with an email to me at happy_paradise@cozycot.cc telling me your email address, so that I know who to contact if you are the winner. (You can post different answers/tips everyday to increase your chance of winning!)

Contest ends 13 Oct 2010.. so start leaving your comment today. Good luck to all!

As usual, normal postage will be borne by me.

*Talika Bloggers Event is brought to you lovingly by http://www.cozycot.com/
* For more information about Talika Lipocils Expert and its range of products, check out www.talika.com


Valerie said...

I use mascara instead of fake lashes because prolonged wear of fake lashes results in permanent or serious eyelash loss in the long run.
So I usually use mascaras instead and I would gently remove them to avoid tugging or pulling my lashes out.

Sharon said...

Hi Valerie,

Thank you for sharing your tips on caring for your eyelashes.

Can you include your email address or drop me an email so that I know who to contact in the event that you are the winner.

Thank you so much.

Good Luck!


Meiling said...

Always use a gentle eye makeup remover to remove all traces of eye makeup, especially waterproof mascara.. Follow by eye massage while applying eye cream.. It helps improve circulation while the eye cream is fully absorbed into skin.

Name: Meiling
email: babydol5@ymail.com

daphnegal said...

The tip is to get a good eye lash curler before applying mascara to avoid clumping and to achieve separated, fluttery lashes.

Juan said...

Do not clump our lashes when the mascara is still wet, or stick the lashes will stick to the curler.

Name: Juan

Sharon said...

This contest has closed.

And the winner goes to Daphnegal. Congratulations to you! I will be contacting you.

Thank you all for your support.