Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Talika Bloggers Event - The Launch Of Lipocils Expert

Last Saturday (25th Sep 2010), I attended the very first Bloggers Event organised by Cozycot - Talika Blogger Event.

I had heard good raves about Talika Lipocils, an eyelash serum which helps to make our eyelashes grow longer...but I have never tried it before.. so I am pretty excited to have the chance to learn and experience more about Talika Lipocils Expert which is an upgraded formula that extends, restores color and curls our eyelashes...

Let us find out more about Talika Lipocils Expert and the exciting happenings that took place at Talika Blogger Event.

- Bloggers getting all ready for the event, at the cozy SPA-Lon@ Chijmes..

At the Start of the event ... A short and detailed introduction on Talika Lipocils Expert and Talika range of eyecare products.

- Here is Ms.Lena (Area Manager of SPA-Lon) shared with us about the history and benefits of Talika Lipocils Expert..

- It was an insight for me to know that Talika's Lipocils has pioneered treatments for eyelashes, and was already well received by women in the past 60 over years.

Lipocils Expert contains 12 plant extracts which have been used in the original Lipocils. In addition, it also contains Coleus Forskholii  to darken eyelshes and Silk Proteins for 50% curlier lashes.

Ms. Lena also shared with us 5 steps to having beautiful and healthy eyelashes that could instantly open up our eyes.

That is quite a number of products to use.. But for me, I only practised Step 1 and Step 3 ..think me gonna start to be more diligent if I want beautiful looking eyelashes.

Next up, we indulged in a wide spread of buffet which included more than 10 over types of finger food.. we were all spoilt for choices that we took each of everything.. We even went for 2nd helping..

Up next, we were divided into 4 groups for some fun hands-on activity..

- We got to decorate this plain looking plaque ... and turn it into something pretty!

And after 15-20 minutes of team work.......this is our final CREATION! ('',)

Presenting The 7 lovely Creators Of this One-Of-A-Kind Plaque...

From back (clockwise): Kimberly, Yvonne, Me, Priscilla, Tiphanie, Candy and Hui Jun.

And the good news is Just Support Us (Group 3) and "LIKE" the plaque we decorated on Cozycot Facebook now, and you will stand to win $260 worth of Talika Products if we are the winning group with the most number of LIKES received.

The lovely and friendly team of The SPA-Lon also prepared a lovely goodie bag for each of us.. including Talika Lipocils Expert for us to bring home to try!

Before I end this post, here is a group picture taken at the end of the event....( "YES!" All of us look so so happy!)

A big THANK YOU to The SPA-Lon and Cozycot for organising this exclusive bloggers event and giving us the chance to experience the highly raved Talika Lipocils Expert ..Special thanks to Ms. Lena for sharing her expertise and knowledge with us.I had totally enjoyed myself at the event with so many lovely bloggers and looking forward to having beautiful eyelashes in just 28 days.. (Click here for review of Talika Lipocils Expert

This event is brought to you lovingly by http://www.cozycot.com/ 

( Above pictures credit: www.cozycot.com, to view more pictures taken at the event, do visit Cozycot Facebook Fanpage)

P.S: Special thanks to Cozycot team for the special invite! It was a success! Looking forward to more exciting and happening bloggers events soon.('',)

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