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Review: My Pretty 10-piece Suesh Brush Set

I had a tough choice to choose from the wide range of gorgeous brush sets from Suesh website.

And these 2 sets immediately caught my eyes...

On the left:

10-Piece Personal Essential Brush Set ($90)

- It’s the brush set every girl should own. A personal collection perfect for novices wearing everyday makeup.
- Includes Powder brush, blush brush, foundation brush, Large eyeshadow brush, Medium eyeshadow brush, Wide smudge brush, thin eyeliner brush, brow brush, mascara brush and lip brush

16-Piece Personal Professional Brush Set ($105)

- Be your own professional makeup artist with this complete personal set. Perfect for those whose fondness for beauty and makeup becomes a passion.
- Includes: Powder brush, Round Blush brush, Angled Blush brush, Base shadow brush, Eyeshadow brush (L, M, S),  Contouring brush, Bullet brush, Flat Eyeliner brush, Narrow Eyeliner brush, Brow brush, Tool brush, Mascara brush, Brow Comb, Lip brush

Oh Gosh, both sets really look nice, I was attracted to the 10 piece brush set because of the red berry colored brush handles and the pure white bristles of the powder and blush brushes which look like they are really soft! On the other hand, the 16 piece brush set looks really professional and cool to own one.. Price difference wise is not much; $90 for the 10 piece set whereas for $15 more, one will get a 16-piece professional looking brush set.

I asked opinions from Suesh Singapore, and the friendly and helpful Che, told me that me the quality in all their brushes are the same, and added that the 16-pc set has more brushes and is great for those starting to be more professional about their makeup.

Somehow my heart asked me to get the 10 piece brush set but my mind asked me to go for the professional looking 16-piece brush set, since there are more brushes.. BUT in the end, I followed by heart and got the 10 piece brush kit.. ( cause I really was intrigued by the white soft bristles of the powder and blush brushes in the set, plus the cost per brush ($9/pc) seem more expensive than that of the 16 piece set ($6.60/pc) which I reckon may mean better quality! ( Just my weird assumption!)

So there you goes.. Presenting my Pretty 10-piece Suesh Brush Set...

I like the way the string is twisted at the end..

The 10 brand new makeup brushes in the brush case..

Each brush comes with a plastic wrapper, and plastic brush sleeves included for the face brushes (the right 3 brushes)

Removing the plastics wrappers and sleeves... Here are the 10 brushes and the brush case... ( One word: Nice!)

And as usual, the very first thing when I see these brushes was to: Feel the bristles on the back of my hand.. The first brush that I put to test was the biggest brush, the powder brush.. and the bristles were REALLY SOFT! The rest of the brushes that were made of natural bristles ( aka animal hairs) were equally soft! They were so soft that I can't help but to sweep the bristles again and again on the back of my hand, to feel the softness.

The next thing I did was to smell the bristles..I still remember that the white bristles on one of my Sigma brushes (the F40 Large Angled Contour Brush) smelt pretty bad so the first brush that I was curious to smell was the one with the white bristes and  I picked up the Suesh powder brush to have a sniff.. and to my delight, there was no unpleasant smell at all.. same go to the rest of the brushes.. ( Soft bristles + No bad scent bristles + well made brush handles = Happy Me!)

Next I sent these 10 brushes for a bath... using a mild baby shampoo ( Johnson's Baby Head to Toe Wash) and was amazed that there was not a sight of bleeding nor shedding.. From the 1st brush to the 10th brush that I washed, not even a strand of bristles came off! Something that I did not expect from these brushes which cost less than $10 per piece.

A closer look at each of these 10 brushes... and my thoughts about them..

This Powder Brush is made of natural bristles which are very soft. I like that its also fluffy. It picks up the right amount of loose powder and gives a natural finish when I use it to apply my loose powder on top of my liquid foundation. This brush can be used to apply all types of powders - loose, compact, blushes, and bronzers, evenly across your face.

No shedding or bleeding during wash and absolutely no unpleasant smell from the bristles. One of my favourite brushes in this set.

This Blush Brush is quite similar to the powder brush, with the same type of soft white natural bristles used, except that it has a smaller head and less dense. It picks up my powder easily, and gives a sheer finish to my blusher appplication without the heavy look. It did not shed and bleed during wash. However, one or two strands of bristles came off during my initial application.

This Foundation Brush is made of synthetic fibers. The head is a bit flat and softer compared to Sigma's foundation brush. It does perform its job well. It helps to apply my foundation smoothly and evenly, without much of a problem. ( although I am used to using a stippling brush like MAC 187 to apply my liquid foundation)

It can also be used to apply cream product such as moisturisers.

This Large Eyeshadow Brush is densely packed with the right amount of bristles to apply my eye shadows. I like how fluffy and yet dense it is. Made of natural bristles which are very soft. It picks up the eyeshadows effortlessly, and blends well.. This brush resembles my Holy Grail MAC 217 blending brush , just that its head is less dense and not so fluffy. Overall, this is a great brush, and definitely one of my favourite brushes in this set.

This Medium Eyeshadow Brush is a slightly smaller version of the large eyeshadow brush. It has a smaller head as compared to the latter. I use it to apply eyeshadow to the outer corners of my eyes to create the outer V shape. The soft bristles are densely packed with a rounded tip. It can also be use to blend out harsh lines for the eyelid colors. Yes, this is another of my favourite picks in this set.

These densely packed bristles are made of natural bristles which are short and soft, and spotted a rounded tip. One can use this Wide Smudge Brush to pack eyeshadows onto eyelids, or it can double up as a blending brush. It looks pretty much like my Crown C135 eyeshadow brush which I used in almost all looks to pack on my eyeshadows. Also another of my favourite brush.

This flat-tip Lip/Concealer brush is made of synthetic fibers which works great in the application of gel/cream products.Although it is stated on Suesh website that it is a lip brush, it can also be used as a concealer brush.  It works pretty much the same as most of the my concealer/lip brushes.

This Angled Brow Brush is made of natural bristles and used in the application of eyebrow powder and/or to soften the eyebrows colors. The medium-stiff and short bristles picks up eyebrow powder easily to fill in sparse brows and create shape and thickness using upwards stroke.

This Thin Eyeliner Brush is made of synthetic fibers. The tip is rather fine and soft, it sorts of remind me of the brush that I used when I did eyelash/eyebrow tinting for others. This is my first time I am using such a fine tip brush to apply my eyeliner. At first, I thought it was quite difficult, but after a few tries, I find that this super-fine brush allows me to line my gel eyeliner with extreme precision ( a very fine line) and control how thick or thin I want my liner to be. However, it is not advisable to use this brush if you want to apply gel liner to the whole of your eyelids, up to the crease lines.

This Mascara Brush is made of synthetic fibers. Just use it to comb through your lashes while they are still wet, to prevent eyelashes from clumping together. Alternatively, you can use it as a brow brush to groom your eyebrows as well. A quick sweep through your eye brows will brush out unruly brows. This works like any mascara brush.

A closer look at the brush handles:

Made in Hong Kong, these brushes are very well made and of good quality. The glossy, deep red berry colored handles give a perfect contrast to the black ferrulesOne can also noticed that "Suesh Makeup Toolkit" logo is neatly printed  in the middle of each of the brush handle.

A closer look at the brush case:

The size of the brush case is quite compact for a personal essential brush set which houses all the basic brushes one would need. Unlike a normal matt black case, this brush case has got some patchwork like patterns on the cover.(Click on this link for a better view of the brush case) When the brush case is closed, it measures approximately 125mm x 215mm, and a mere 30mm in thickness. ( My Sigma Travel Brush Kit measures 105mm x 190mm, and 35mm in thickness) so it is not so bulky in comparison to a travel brush set. The brush case is roomy enough to add in 1-2 more thin-handled brushes into the slots.

Overall, I find that Suesh 10-piece brush set is of good quality for the price tag. All the brushes are well made and the bristles are very softThese brushes allow application of products effortlessly and evenly. The eyeshadow brushes are fantastic! If this set comes with a bullet/crease brush, a lip brush (with cover) and a stippling brush, it will be perfect! Personally I find that Suesh 10-piece brush set will make a good travelling companion, because of its compact size, plus it comes with all the essential brushes in a pretty black brush case.

I would not say Suesh brushes are better quality than my MAC and Shu Uemura brushes, but these brushes are definitely value for money, good quality brushes, that won't burn a hole in our pockets. For $90, one can opt for 1, or at most 2 brushes from well-known brands, but one can also invest the money in a complete brush set (with brush case) from Suesh. No wonder Suesh, the makeup brushes and tools brand has taken the Asia-Pacific market by storm, and is so well received and highly raved among beauty enthusiasts/makeup artists in Philippines and New Zealand.

One thing I like about Suesh is they provide free local registered mail for all items (except cosmetics storage such as those bulky train cases). Suesh's customer service is also commendable.

My mind is still lemming for Suesh's professional looking 16-piece brush set though.. Anyone of you has the 16-piece brush set? Are the brushes really soft, as soft as the brushes in the 10-piece brush set?? 

 * As I have not personally see and feel the 16-piece brush set, I cannot vouch for its softness and quality.. but if the brushes in the 16-piece brush set are really as soft as the brushes in the 10-piece brush set, than I would suggest to go for the 16-piece brush set since it is just $15 difference for 6 more brushes..definitely more worth! ('',) I would love to see and feel the 16-piece brush set one day! But I think it will depend on personal preferences, cause both sets have different brushes and brush cases, and the colors of the brush handles are different too.

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