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Clarins Barocco Festive Make-Up Collection

Christmas is coming and for this year festive season, Clarins has taken inspiration from its flamboyant universe to create a sumptuous collection where the finest textures are combined with the most elegant packaging. This inspiration has lead to the creation of Barocco, a sumptuous and sensual make-up collection which exuberant forms, luxurious draperies, striking musical harmonies, rich golds and emblematic scrolls.

I was very excited when I received the entire gorgeous-looking Barocco collection from Clarins Singapore to try out .. Presenting my first Christmas treats....

The first look...

^ Did you notice that the black emblematic scrolls decorations on the classic gold Clarins packaging? That is how you can differentiate a Barocco Limited Edition from its permanent make-up range, at one glance..

Clarins Barocco collection consists of 4 Limited Edition make-up items - Face Palette, Shimmering Gold Powder, Eye Colour Trio and Rouge Prodige.

Clarins Barocco face palette is an incredibly soft, light compact powder with a scroll motif in pinky-peach on a sandy-beige background. The combination of the two shades is perfect for illuminating the face or adding matte touches to the complexion.

The full ingredients list of Barocco Face Palette:

^ It is presented in an exquisite black laquered case with light golid lid and black scroll decoration, and it comes with a red velvet purse too.

^ A closer look at the compact powder, yes the scroll motif on the powder surface resembles that found on the case's cover.

^ The individual swatches of the 2 colours..

Price: $64/13g

My thoughts:

This is definitely my favourite item out of this collection.. It works perfectly well as a blusher and/or as a highlight powder. I just swirl my blusher brush onto the surface of the compact powder,and lightly apply onto the apple of my cheeks, it will show a very natural nice pinky-peach glow on my skin. I also tried to apply the sandy-beige as a highlight below my brow bones and it works too.. The weight of the case and powder is slightly heavy though, nonetheless I still love this face palette!

Clarins Barocco Shimmering Gold Powder for Face & Decollete is housed inside an elegant black and gold powder box decorated with a scroll, filled with delicate little nuggets dusted with golden pearl..

The full ingredients list for Clarins Barocco Shimmering Gold Powder for Face & Decollete:

Inside the black and gold box..

^These are the delicate little nuggets dusted with golden pearl.. 

^ Includes a soft black powder puff in the box..

^When I sweep the shimmering gold powder with the powder puff directly onto the back of my hand..

^ After blending the shimmering gold powder or dusting away the excess powder from the skin...

Price: $70/36g

My thoughts:
With just a light sweep of the black puff, they release an extremely light, fine powder onto my first sweep, you may be shocked to see the amount of powder that lies on your skin.. but once you blend/dust away the excess powder, you will notice the beautiful glow as it catches the light. Ideal to dust on face and low-neck areas, as it adds subtle sparkles to one's skin in an instant.

Just a word of caution: do be careful when you take out the black puff from the box, because it may be messy to have the shimmering gold powder flying all over you and on the floor. (Better to stay away from the fan when you are using this product)

Clarins Barocco Eye Colour Trio consists of 3 shades designed to dress the eyes in light and shade, to create a "smoky" eye effect and different looks for both day and night.

The full ingredients list for Barocco Eye Colour Trio:

This sumptuous trio is presented in an elegant rectangular black case with light gold lid and scroll decoration. It contains 2 essential accessories for impeccable eye make-up: a large mirror and a double-tipped foam applicator ( The bigger and flatter side to shade and blend, the pointed side for more precise application on the eye contour and eyelid crease.)

^ Closer look of the 3 shades.. Matt Black, Smoky Bronze and Shimmering Gold..

^ The swatches of the eye colour trio..

Price: $64/1.5g

Application tips for a perfect make-up result:

Applying Smoky Bronze and Sand-beige(from face palette)...

Applying the trio onto my eye...

My thoughts:

The ultra-fine, and easy-to-apply textures can be combined, layered or blended together to create different looks, be it a day or night look. Personally I do love Smoky Bronze (the middle shade in the palette), it has an unique blend of subtle black and gold, which is perfect to use as a single colour on my eyelid without looking too flat. And to accentuate the "smoky eyes" effect for an evening look, can apply Matt Black along the base of the top lashes and eyelid crease. The double-tipped foam applicator works well too, as I can just use it alone to apply my Barocco Eye Colour Trio eyeshadows in the above eye make-up. This Eye Colour Trio is another of my favourite pick in this collection.

This is Rouge Prodige - the new true-hold lipstick, with a high-performance formula that offers rich colours, stunning shine and long-lasting comfort. (Remember me reviewing this product some times back? More details here) This is another shade in Rouge Prodige collection, 130 Barocco, however do note that this shade is Limited Edition!

Barocco 130 is a new shade in the Rouge Prodige range. Its elegant light gold tube decorated with a black scroll makes it a beautiful addition to any woman's makeup pouch/purse.
The full ingredients list for Barocco Rouge Prodige 130 Barocco:
Price: $35/3g 

^ Applying it on my lips..
My thoughts:

Same result as when I apply the regular range of Rouge Prodige -> My lips feel moisturised and protected throughout the day (with touch-ups after meals). It did not cause any dryness nor made my lips chapped. On well, personally I do not think I suit this shade, I find it too vibrant and dark red for my liking.. I still prefer my neutral shades of Rouge Prodige from the permanent line though..('',)

When I apply the products on my face...
Tried to create a natural day look and an evening look..Actually a darker lipstick shade can affect the whole look isnt? Barocco collection can be used to create both day and night looks..

Clarins Barocco collection is great as Christmas gifts for yourself, and your families/best friends/colleagues, because it is really a lovely collection and the make-up items are all LIMITED EDITIONS!


If you or your loved ones are more of a skincare junkie, do check out the luxurious range of Clarins Christmas gift sets available during this festive season...

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Another good news to share:

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( To be a Clarins Club Beaute Member, you just need to purchase at least 1 Clarins Product)

Have fun shopping for your Xmas gifts... !
A big Thank You to Clarins Singapore for sending me this gorgeous-looking Barocco collection to try out.. ('',).. Thanks Jasmine!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to say not a very good offer.

The Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector is only 5ml. To become a Clarins Club Beaute member
one must purchase a Clarins product.

So far brand like EA & skininc offer their facebook sign up fans gift with no purchase require.

Sharon said...


Thanks for dropping by my blog.

I guess different brands work differently in term of marketing and advertising..

But if a new customer just purchase a Clarins item from Nex Clarins counter, the Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in deluxe size, is like a bonus gift, since otehr counter not having this promotion co-currently.

It is just an additional perk for customers who made their first purchase at Clarins Next counter.

Anonymous said...

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Sharon said...

Hi Sandro,

Thanks for leaving me an encouraging comment!

I am very happy to know there are readers like you who enjoy reading this small blog of mine.

Thank you so much for supporting my blog. ('',)

With Love,