Wednesday, December 22, 2010

L’Oreal Paris Hair Expertise Ever Pure and Ever Strong Ranges

Here are the latest L’Oreal hair care products that we brought home from Cleo Office last month…

Have you seen them before?

To be honest, I have never seen nor heard about these 2 interesting ranges until Vincent introduced L’Oreal Paris Hair Expertise to us, and shared with us the unique selling points to the two new revolutionary ranges – Ever Pure and Ever Strong..
L’Oreal Paris Hair Expertise is a new, first-to-mass semi-professional range of hair care products that aims to provide consumers with high quality and caring products at affordable prices. L’Oreal Hair Expertise comes in two new ranges – Ever Pure and Ever Strong that will change our experience of hair washing.
What are so special about these hair care products?
They are 100% vegan and 100% sulfate-free.
These range of products do not contain Sodium Laureth Sulfate, which is found in many commercial beauty products that creates the foamy texture, but strips hair of the essential oils and moisture. These products contain natural, aromatic botanical ingredients that will surely rejuvenate our senses during hair wash.
Presenting the 2 new revolutionary ranges from L’Oreal Paris Hair Expertise:
Ever Pure – Keeps Colour Radiance even after 32 washes

  • Moisture Shampoo $14.90/250ml
  • Moisture Conditioner $14.90/250ml
  • Moisture Deep Restorative Masque $17.90/150ml
  • Moisture Leave-in Conditioner $19.90/180ml

Ever Pure range contains an infusion of natural botanicals like rosemary, juniper and mint that creates an invigorating, aromatic experience.

Juniper has soothing and calming properties that helps one to relax while Rosemary has calming properties and adds shine to dull-looking hair.

Ever Strong – Injects Strength to Hair in Just 1 wash!


  • Hydrate Shampoo $14.90/250ml
  • Hydrate Conditioner $14.90/250ml
  • Hydrate Deep Replenishing Masque $17.90/150ml
  • Overnight Hair Repair Treatment $21.90/100ml

Ever Strong range is patented with Bio-Ceramide Complex, which helps to reduce hair fall due to breakage and hair becomes stronger, shinier and healthier.
I tried 6 of these 8 products (excluding Ever Strong Hydrate Deep Replenishing masque and Overnight hair repair treatment) and I am truly impressed with L’Oreal Paris Hair Expertise Range.
I feel like I am giving my hair a sensorial, spa-like experience every time I wash my hair with L’Oreal Paris Hair Expertise Ever Pure or Ever Strong products. Although the products contain no Sodium Laureth Sulfate, the shampoo lathers very well compared to normal shampoo which contains the harmful Sulfate. Plus these products contain all the natural ingredients like Rosemary, Juniper and mint, I can finally say goodbye to dull-looking and weak hair.. The scent is very nice and relaxing, sometimes when I wash my hair with the shampoo, I felt myself amidst the rainforest. Now, I really look forward to my shower time and indulge in a relaxing and aromatic spa-like hair washing experience, at the comfort of my home.
L’Oreal Paris Hair Expertise Ever Pure and Ever Strong can be found in selected Watsons, Guardian, Sasa and OG Orchard Point stores from January 2011 onwards. Do have a sniff at these products and you will be able to smell the lovely aromatic scent which comes from the natural, aromatic botanical ingredients.
Now we can have spa-like washing experience everyday, without breaking the bank!
Thanks L'Oreal Singapore for giving us the privilege to try out these new luxury and pampering hair care products before they hit the shelves.  

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