Sunday, December 19, 2010

Review:2 weeks after drinking Kinohimitsu J'Pan Beauty Collagen Drink

Remember my first review on Kinohimitsu J'Pan Beauty Collagen Drink some time back.. I have been taking a bottle religiously in the past 14 days and here are my thoughts..

The more I drink it, the more find it tastes like lychee drink (very similar to the canned lychee cocktail) especially when I drank it chilled...It is very delicious, no joke! One small bottle contains 50ml of collagen juice, the amount is slightly more than that a shot of tequila neat (1.5 shots to be exact)... but this Collagen shot is definitely beneficial to our skin..  Normally I just drink it straight from the bottle after taking it out from the fridge...I poured out the collagen drink into these shot glasses just to give you a rough estimate the amount of collagen drink in the bottle and how the drink looks like. (It does look like packet apple juice, isn't?)

So does it make my difference to my skin? Let the pictures do the talking..

Picture of my left cheek (taken on 5 Dec )

Picure of my left cheek, taken on 18 Dec (14 days after drinking Kinohimitsu J'Pan Collagen drink)

Picture of my forehead (taken on 5 Dec)

Picture of my forehead (taken on 18 Dec)

During the past 2 weeks, I noticed slight improvement to my skin, acne scars on my left cheek seemed abit lightened and lines on my forehead looked slightly less obvious as compared to 2 weeks ago.

I will continue to indulge in my daily dose of Kinohimitsu J'Pan Beauty Collagen drink and do a final update after drinking the collagen drink for 28 days straight.

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