Monday, January 24, 2011

AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto

I just received a box of AFC Chef's Diet Risotto (pretty heavy, at least 1.25kg in weight) and I am so so excited to try all these interesting flavours out...

Can you make a guess what is AFC Chef's Diet Risotto??

Definitely not a makeup item! Not a skincare product either!

AFC Chef's Diet Risotto is a low-calorie meal replacement that is nutritious and delicious, and it works to control calorie intake by reducing food portions while imparting a sense of fullness. It is an authentic Italian-style Japanese meal replacement, prepared by renowned Chef Nishiwaki Ichiro from Japan. Together with AFC Japan's Nutrition and Dietetics , Department, only the finest ingredients are used in the production of AFC Chef's Diet Risotto.

How does AFC Chef's diet Risotto work?

Weight gain is often due to overeating and sedentary lifestyle habits. When you consume more calories than what your body can use up, the body stores the excess calories as fat. Thus, a successful weight loss program works best when there is a reduction in calories consumed, and increase in physical activity.

What is the secret ingredient of AFC Chef's Diet Risotto?

AFC Chef's Diet Risotto is a mix of full grained white rice and low-calorie Konjac, made from Japanese Konnyaku Potato, which has a similar texture to rice.

Characteristics of Konjac:
  • Astonishingly low-calorie base
  • Excellent soluble fibre for sustained fullness and promotes bowel movement
  • Prolong gastric emptying time
  • Increase satiety (sense of fullness)
  • Reduces body weight
  • Decreases ingestion of foods that increase cholesterol and glucose concentrations and reduces the postprandial rise in plasma glucose

Other nutrients in AFC Chef's diet Risotto:
  • 1,000mg micro collagen peptides - to restore skin firmness, and reduce wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Fortified with iron - for essential body functions and performance. Encourages stronger nail and healthy hair growth
  • High in fibre - to increase satiety adn promote bowel movement

So what does each box contain?

Each box contains 5 packets of AFC Chef's Diet Risotto meal replacement, in 5 different tempting flavours! (How nice right? Everyday can choose which flavour to eat!)

All look so yummy ... and all they contain less than 180 calories per meal serving. (A Mcdonalds Filet-O-Fish burger itself contains 350 calories, and that is excluding the drink and fries.)

The 5 delicious looking flavours in the box include:

Have a look at this video featuring AFC Chef's Diet Risotto... I am getting hungry..

I am really excited to try out my very first pact of AFC Chef's Diet Risotto.. Watch out for my coming reviews of all the 5 interesting flavours ... Hope they taste as great as what we see from the pictures and video.(",)


Vins said...

Any idea where I can purchase this?

Sharon said...

Hi Vins,

You can refer to my latest review on the 5 flavours of AFC Chef's Diet Risotto..

You can purchase it from AFC Chef's Diet Risotto Webpage at:

(Think got to add 7% GST and $3 shipping, but for purchase above $120, delivery is waived)

Hope that helps.

Have a great week ahead!