Saturday, January 22, 2011

Eye for Beauty Exclusive @ Make Up Store

Last week, I got to attend an Eye for Beauty Exclusive beauty workshop at Makeup Store Paragon. It was an event that was brought to us by Ciba Vision and Makeup Store.

We got to learn how to complement Freshlook Lenses with Make Up Store's New Spring/Summer 2011 collection!

Here is Mr Olle Johansson, acclaimed and internationally renowned celebrity makeup artist, and also head trainer of Makeup Store. He started off by introducing and explaining the Color Wheel based on itten's System.

(Although I have seen this color wheel a few times, I do not really understand how it works until Mr Olle Johansson explained it to us using layman's terms and a simple diagram)

The Color Wheel based on itten's system
1) Start by drawing a triangle and named the 3 primary colors on the corners. (Red, Yellow and Blue)
2) Then draw an inverted triangle over the first triangle, and named the corners using the 2 primary colours mixed together, from each of the 3 sides. (e.g: Red + Yellow = Orange)


and we will get a color wheel that looks like this:


What one can learn from the color wheel:

Neutralizer: Those colors located opposite each other on a color wheel will neutralize each other.
For e.g: Green neutralises Red, Blue Neutralises Orange, Lilac neutralises yellow.

That is the reason why people say when you have red spots/acne, use a green concealer to cover.. and why lilac-colored makeup base is used on yellow/sallow skin to brighten up the skin..

Complementary colors bring out the best in each other, by using hues from the 3 colors directly opposite the color you chose. For example, looking at the above diagram, we know that orange, red and lilac bring out green the best.
So how about brown-colored eyes, what colors would be more suitable?.. Ok, based on the color wheel, brown is somewhere in between yellow and orange... and looking at the 3 colors opposite brown, it will mean hues from green, blue and lilac will be recommended. Roughly know what I am talking about?

After the detailed explanation of how the color wheel works, Mr Olle Johansson proceeded to do a makeup demonstration on the beautiful model, Sharon.


- Take off with cleansing and prepping the skin before applying makeup. ( I love the Make Up Store's Skin Serum which adds like a face primer, very very smooth texture)

- After applying concealer and eyeliner.

- Time for some blue eyeshadow..

- The effect of eyeliner, eyeshadow on Sharon's right eye.. Very Nice!

- Now let's shape the lip using a lip pencil...

Now see the before (left side) and after (right side) difference...

Mr Olle Johasson showed us the result of using other colors on Sharon's left eye..

- A closer look..very nice blending and great combination of colors... so which side do you prefer? (Personally I like the right side!)

Some useful makeup tips that I had learnt from Mr Olle Johansson:
  • Do not have to apply loose powder over concealer, to prevent cakiness under our eye areas.
  • When drawing our eyebrows, always start from the tail and then brush inwards.
  • Always use a brow gel/mascara to shape the eyebrows so that they can stay in place.
  • Use a light brown shade on the inner corner of eyes to create a 3D effect
  • To make lashes fuller and longer without clumping, apply a coat of mascara, follow by dusting some loose powder on the lashes and then finish off by applying another coat of mascara on the powdered lashes.

Next up, we also got to play with the colors on our face and eyes using Make Up Store's New Spring/Summer 2011 collection! Siti and me were given the set of colors to complement our Freshlook Color Blends in Gray colored lenses..


Recommended colors from Make Up Store's new Spring/Summer 2011 Collection for Freshlook ColorBlends Colored Lenses in Gray

Microshadow:  velvet, khaki gold, Tuch, A girl's best friend, Xocoalt, Powder Nut
Cybershadow: Silver, Gecco
Eyedust: Crystal, Soft Grass
Hi Tech Lighter: Jupiter, Asteriod
Eye Pencil: Black, Dusty Smoke, Wooden Metal
Glitter Eyeliner: Diamond, Choco Lux
Mascara: Sensitive Black, Long Lash Brown
Eyebrow: Tri brow

I had fun playing with the makeup and picking into practice the makeup tips that I learnt from Mr Olle Johansson..

Here is a photo that Siti and me took with Mr Olle Johansson after our hands-on makeup session..

And each of us was also given some lovely gifts from Make Up Store and Ciba Vision.

More information about the Freshlook Colorblends Contact Lenses..

In the solution..


After putting on eye makeup..

Personally I find that FreshLook Colorblends contact lenses in grey give me pretty natural looking eyes with hues of grey and brown. They are also comfortable when wearing and easy to put on. Now even, 3-in-1 color lenses are available in daily disposable form.. Definitely great for those special occassions when you just put on and dispose them off after the end of the day, or if you are the type that change contact lens color every other day.  However, for daily contact lens users, I think can go for the monthly disposable version since all the attractive 12 color shades are available in monthly disposable version.  Will be looking forward to trying out another popular shade - Pure Hazel, when I managed to get hold of them.

A big Thank you to Make Up Store and Ciba Vision for organising this beauty workshop which I enjoyed myself lots. Special thanks to Mr Olle Johansson for your time in sharing with us your makeup tips and your wonderful makeup demonstation. I would also like to say a big thank you to Chris, Sharon and Loretta from Yolk for inviting me to this fruitful and interesting event, and making this event a successful one!  

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