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Aqua Rine Japanese Bath Aroma Bath Sea Salt

Have you seen or are using these colorful tubes of Aqua Rine Japanese Bath Aroma Bath Sea Salt Scrubs?

I am using these 2 tubes - the Peach and Chilli flavours...


Some information about Aqua Rine Japanese Bath Aroma Bath Sea Salt..

Aqua Rine Japanese Bath Aroma Bath Sea Salt comes in 6 different varieties/flavours, each added with unique ingredient(s) for different skin concerns/results. (Whitening,firming, anti-ageing, detoxifying properties etc.)

All of these 6 varieties come in both fine and coarse salt, according to our own preferences...
  • Fine Salt: For those who prefer a mild scrub. The salt are fine and it dissolves easily when your skin is wet.
  • Coarse Salt: For those who prefer to scrub longer. The salt are coarse and does not dissolve as easily as the fine salt.

So how do differentiate between fine salt and coarse salt scrub?
They can be differentiated by looking at the sticker labels. All the coarse salt scrubs have got sticker labels on the top of the tubes..

The benefits of Aroma Bath Sea Salt...
Aroma Bath Sea Salt helps to effectively removes dead skin cells which causes dry skin. It will scrub away the upper layer of dead skin until only the healthy layer appears. It not only helps to moisturize and hydrate your skin but also helps to prevent ingrown hair.
Aroma Bath Sea Salt can be used to relieve acnes and stop skin itchness. A natural formula that gently dissolves dust, grease, blackheads and whiteheads while exfoliating the dead skin cells, leaving the skin smooth and clean after bath.

How to use these scrubs?
Applygenerous amount ofbathsea salt on wet skin and massage gently onto skin, concentrating on dry and problem areas, with hands/sponge/towel. Rinse well.

I have been using both tubes in the last few weeks, alternating between the 2 flavours... so how do I find them?

Aqua Rine Peach Bath Sea Salt (Fine Salt)

Specially added with peach leaf ingredient, it detoxifies the skin and reduces the sign of ageing. The combination of the natural salt gently removes dead and dull skin cells to reveal a fresher, healthier and radiant skin.

Main Ingredients: Sea Salt, Peach Leaf, Jojoba, Seaweed, Natural Active of Oak, Loquat Leaf, Pine Needles, Honey

Aqua Rine Chilli Bath Sea Salt (Coarse Salt)
Specially added with chilli extract to increase the breakdown of fatty tissue as well as enhances slimming. The addition of natural salt also improves skin firmness and elasticity.

Main Ingredients: Sea Salt, Chilli Extract, Jojoba, Seaweed, Natural Active of Oak, Loquat Leaf, Pine needles, Honey

I used them around twice a week... and I can say the main differences of these 2 scrubs are the size/quantity of the sea salt granules and the smell of the scrubs.

The peach one has very very fine sea salt granules that I can hardly feel any friction on my skin, in fact they feel soft to the touch. The smell is lovely though, something peachy.

The chilli one has slightly coarser sea salt granules than the fine one, but the granules are still considered somewhat fine to me. These few times I am using,I personally find that the quantity of the granules seem more than those found in the Peach Fine sea salt scrub. Are you going to ask me if its smell like spicy red hot chilli padi, and whether it gives me any burning sensation when massaging the scrub on my skin?? In fact, these were also my concerns and worries before trying the chilli flavour.. (Long time ago, I tried a slimming product which contained chilli, and it gave me bad burning sensation that now I think I have second thoughts on using roducts containing chilli..) Ok, The answers are "NO!" ('',)  Although the peach flavour smells like peach, the chilli one does not smell like chilli (to me).It is hard to describe the smell though.. but it just don't smell anything like chilli. And the good news is, there is absoluely no burning or hot sensation during use and after rinsing the chilli sea salt scrub.

For both scrubs, I can see that my skin becomes a wee bit fairer,but definitely a lot smoother to touch, especially after the exfoliation of the dead skin cells. However,personally I prefer the coarse sea salt
version more than the fine sea salt, but prefer the peach smell more than the chilli one. If you are one that prefer smell nice nice scrubs, I think you can try peach, sakura and rose.

Opps.. did I mention that I tasted Aqua Rine Sea Salt Scrub once accidentally when one of my hands brushed across my mouth while I was using the scrub?? and it tastes like salt to me..Its saltish! (LOL) so for those of you who have little cuts or wound, do note that it may sting a little if you use the scrub on the affected area.

Good news to share....

These little Bath Sea Salt sachets are small travel-size pack (50g). Handy and compact enough to bring for your overseas trips, and great for first-timers to try out the product.
These travel-size packs are selling in Watsons at $1.95 and the good news is you can redeem for free from The Sample Store. (Link)

The full Aqua Rine Japanese Bath Aroma Bath Sea Salt is also available in Watsons, Sasa and other Beauty Stores.
Chilli and Peach flavours: $10.80 per tube (400g)
All other flavours (sakura, rose, milk , green tea): $9.80 per tube(400g)

* Same price for fine sea salt and coarse sea salt... so it really depend on your preference.

For more product information on Aqua Rine Japanese Bath Aroma Bath Sea Salt, check out beauteinn's website here. For the latest updates, you can also join Aqua Rine Facebook today.

Thank you Jiayi and Beauteinn for sending me these lovely Aqua Rine Japanese Bath Arom Bath Sea Salt to try out.

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